14 Jul 2024
Review: Lunchbeat in Stockholm
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Review: Lunchbeat in Stockholm

Plugging away in a muggy office this summer? Need a midday pick-me-up? Rachel Matchett tried out Lunchbeat; the trendy way to spend your lunch hour in Stockholm.


The Lunchbeat summer series, bouncing into its second week on 31 July, lets you blow off steam and get your blood flowing while offering tasty vegetarian lunch choices and plenty of hydration. 

Held in the Music- and Theatre Museum, the DJ keeps the energy high and the dancers reward him in kind. Lunchbeat’s mission is to “embody the buzzwords of playfulness, participation & community” and the vibe on the dance floor proves they are succeeding.

Some lunchbeaters just bop back and forth, but even more are there for some seriously sweaty, cathartic dancing alongside friends and strangers alike.  The club-like feeling inside when the sun is beating down outside may feel a bit awkward at first, but after a few minutes nearly everyone gives in to the beat.

If the dancing leaves you famished, there are some satisfying vegetarian choices for lunch. There’s also plenty of outdoor and indoor seating where you can rest your dance-weary pins.

Though the lunch is found in the pub adjoining the dance hall, booze is not welcome at this party, so water on tap is the order of the day.

Lunchbeat is a great way to socialise and energise… and it sure beats a limp sandwich while perusing Facebook at your desk! So why not take a long lunch, head down to Östermalm and shake what your mama gave you?  It will make your boring afternoon meeting that much less painful. Promise.


Upcoming Lunchbeat Line-up:

August  7 – DJs Linny Hex & DJ Gena

August  9 – DJ Gavana

August  14 – DJs Jin Mustafa & Maya Lourenco

August  16 – DJ Hanna Kihlander/Knivflickan


*The events are free of charge and will take place at the Music and Theatre Museum at Sibyllegatan 2 (click here for a map) in Stockholm between 11.30-13.30 (since we all know lunch time is usually a little lengthier during summertime).


Here’s a sneak peak at a Stockholm Lunchbeat:




Rachel Matchett


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