22 May 2024
YLC review: The Flying Elk
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YLC review: The Flying Elk

Cold weather is a great excuse for a multitude of things; fluffy slippers, blankets with sleeves and heart-warming pub grub among them. This week, YLC’s Vanessa Le Grange embraces carb season at the Flying Elk in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan.

8591528807_79e10eb55e_cNice buns! The Flying Elk’s renowned hamburger. Photo: vdKG Design

The tale of the flying elk who resides in the forests of Jämtland dates back to the 1600’s. The alleged moose is said to be the tallest in the world and adorned with a crown of countless thorns. This illusive beast has never been captured and it supposedly still roams the forests in all its gigantic, moosey splendor.

This is the story being kept alive by aptly named The Flying Elk near the Gamla Stan T-bana. The designer pub delivers effortless comfort, a great selection of beer as well as a slick, Swedish, hipster take on the traditional pub grub.

The pub’s focus is on serving food made from the best ingredients, taking special care in their presentation and extensive beer menu. I am one of those people who secretly fears I’m missing out on some great beer I should know about. The Flying Elk left me feeling that, if I return often enough, I’d be continually educated and up-to-date on the golden brew.

My friends from Singapore and Stockholm who visited the pub with me, went specifically for the Flying Elk’s take on the humble burger. What we ended up ordering from the extensive menu was the Mac ‘n Cheese snack, salad, fish and chips and ‘The Corner Club Truffle Cheeseburger’ (of course).  The burger was good value at 195 sek considering its contents; a well seasoned meat patty with the sweet caramelized onion, tangy matured cheddar, pickled cucumber and truffle aioli with dried mushrooms. The combination of flavors balance each other out perfectly, making for a real taste experience. As we all know, any burger is only as good as the chips that go with it, and these ones were triple cooked (though, in my opinion, they may have been cooked one time too many…).

The service is, I’ve heard, generally excellent, but my experience was closer to average. That said, I’ll definitely be returning to The flying Elk and here are the top three reasons why:

1. Their carefully chosen beer list

2. The truffled mac ‘n cheese snack

3. Eaton Mess – creamy dreamy delicious fruitiness. Don’t be ashamed to finish it all!

But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself. Who knows, you might be inspired to give up all your possessions and move to Jämtland in pursuit of the mysterious moose….


More Info:

Address: Mälartorget 15, Gamla Stan

Contact: 08 20 85 83 (booking is essential)

Website:  www.theflyingelk.se


Snacks: 45-70kr

Starters: 135-195kr

Mains: 165-295kr

Dessert: 35-125kr


Miss V.’s extra tip:

Visit the loo for a short exhibition of mixed medium portraits of the legendary ‘Flying Elk’.


Vanessa Le Grange

Vanessa is an aspiring wine economist and sommelier in lifelong training. Above all – she is a lover of people and elegant solutions.

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  • Scot 25 Sep 2013

    Was there last week. Beautifully written, made me crave the burger again. I do agree service could be better.

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