24 Jul 2024
New Music Friday: YLC’s Recommended June Jams
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New Music Friday: YLC’s Recommended June Jams

We are once again celebrating New Music Friday by cherry-picking the Swedish releases you can’t miss.

Josefine Myrberg: Head Over Heels (video)

Josefine Myrberg has today released her new video for Head Over Heels. She’s now made videos for all three of her new songs released this year, forming a kind of trilogy of storytelling backing up her music. All of this is really refreshing as far too few music videos are getting made in Sweden nowadays.


We had a nice chat with Josefine the other day, and this is what she had to say about making her videos:

It’s been really fun making the videos. It’s cool to put a picture on the feeling that you want the people to see.

Check out the video above and be sure to catch the whole interview with the lovely Josefine right here on Your Living City very soon.

Miriam Bryant: Bye Bye Blue (album)

Another YLC favorite Miriam Bryant is releasing a new album called Bye Bye Blue, out in streaming format now – and soon in physical form both on CD and LP (also including her hits from the Så Mycket Bättre TV show). Not a great deal of artists in Sweden are releasing CD’s anymore, but hey, fangirls will be loving the chance to get their hands on that piece of plastic, preferably with an autograph of course.

Several of the songs chronicle the saga of Miriam’s recent relationship, from Black Car to Everything and Rocket, which have all been single releases before. There are also the previously unreleased Sad Songs and Teddybear (our current favorite here at YLC HQ) as well as a Swedish version of Black Car – i.e. Svart Bil, obviously – and a live rendition of Since You Left from her sold-out Stockholm gig.

In case you missed it, here’s our gig report and photos from that show at Cirkus.

Icona Pop: Girls Girls (song)

Icona Pop have put out a summer party banger of a song called Girls Girls. As of this writing the duo are on Gotland filming the next season of Så Mycket Bättre, so we’ll have plenty of coolness to look forward to this autumn. But first let’s get in the summer mood with this tune.

Vaz: Necessary, Pt.1 (album)

A very special mention needs to go to the sisters Cecilia and Jenny Vaz of Vaz, who have put out a pretty fabulous album called Necessary, Pt.1 – it’s keeping us Spellbound… And they’ve done everything themselves – respect! Check out the amazing soundscapes they’ve created right here.

MØRCH – Forget You Tomorrow (song)

MØRCH are among the three finalists for Rookie of the Year in the Songwriter/Producer category at the Denniz Pop Awards 2017. You just need to listen to their fresh debut release to understand why – very cool and original!

If you’ve still not had enough music for this New Music Friday – here’s even more great fresh Swedish sounds we are enjoying during this month of June 2017. Including the debut single Soulmates by Orkid, which has been on repeat here.

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