25 Jul 2024
YLC’s New Music Picks
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YLC’s New Music Picks


It’s once again time to bring out some fresh new Swedish music to grace your playlists, so here are a few of our picks from recent releases we think you should check out. So have a listen and get to know these artists.

Let’s start off with the newly founded Stockholm pop group Edora, who have just released their debut EP. They are mixing a modern electronic sound with soul influences.

Solution was the last song we wrote for our EP. We wanted to write a song that could lead us and our sound forward, and still sound like Edora. The song just came naturally to us and we had the full idea for how to shape the sound from the start. Solution is about struggling in a relationship, and the rocky road to a solution. That’s why our whole EP was named ”Solution” in the end.


Swedish indie singer/songwriter Caroline Duke has an electro pop sound, which she also describes as baroque pop. She has now released Hit and Run, the second single from her upcoming debut album Wild at Heart, due out at the end of January. The chorus is sure to get stuck in your head and the production immerses you into her voice.


Malmö-based Joe & The Anchor have been around since 2013, but they have more recently traded their indie sound to pop in the vein of Foster the People or Imagine Dragons. They have now released My Kicks, which is a dance-friendly up-tempo tune. The song’s theme centers on the rush you feel when you have just fallen in love.


Swedish DJ and producer Andy Rozz has released a new high-energy EDM track called Falling Down, which also gets a bit more dark and serious than his previous efforts.

When I’m about to start on a new song I decide what kind of feeling I want to channel through the song. It’s like a mix of different ingredients like a melody, the vocals, a kick drum. You change, adjust, re-write and suddenly you’ve captured that feeling you wanted to express.


Swedish DJ, artist and producer William Doremi has a great new tune out, featuring Loop & Kevin Jazz. The song is titled Runnin, and it has a smooth laid-back vibe with a great female vocal. There’s also a video, so we suggest you check it out here:



Last, but absolutely not least, one of our big favorites Nadia Nair has released a new song about Bad Dreams, on which she is as suggestive and poetic as ever.

Bad dreams were made for the skies
take back the colors of the night 

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