25 Jul 2024
Thundermother brings rock antics and catchy riffs
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Thundermother brings rock antics and catchy riffs

Thundermother at Gröna Lund

As Swedish all-girl hardrockers Thundermother were going to play a show on the smaller stage at Gröna Lund, we knew we had to be there to capture their rock’n’roll antics.

Thundermother, founded by guitarist Filippa Nässil back in 2009, has gone through numerous dramatic-looking line-up changes over the years and Filippa remains the only constant in the line-up. However, being very much pregnant, she was replaced at the Gröna Lund show by a guy, Edvin Öström.

Thundermother has released five albums and toured extensively around Europe and beyond. Their relentless touring has helped them build a loyal fan base and a reputation as a live rock act well worth seeing.

The band are known for their riff-driven songs and powerful vocals, catchy hooks and anthemic choruses. Their live antics involve fun rockstar poses and a lot of movement even on a small intimate stage like the one at Grönan. That surely kept the audience entertained throughout the show, and made for a fun session in the photo pit.

Here are some of our favourite photos from the Thundermother gig at Gröna Lund.

Thundermother at Gröna Lund

All photos © Nina Uddin

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