12 Jul 2024
New Music Friday: SVEA with an Italian twist
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New Music Friday: SVEA with an Italian twist


One of our big Swedish favorites SVEA is out with a new single together with Italian DJ/producer duo Merk & Kremont, and featuring rapper Ernia, also from Italy. (So it’s obviously next stop Italy on SVEA’s world conquest.) The contagious beat and the rhytmic repetitions of words in the chorus make this a totally genius pop tune. Beside the artists themselves, the song-writing team includes Swedish heavyweight writer and producer Anton Hård af Segerstad as well as up’n’coming Swedish popstar Vera Hotsauce.

And they’ve put out a fab video, which makes the Stockholm underground look way cool, so make sure to watch and have a listen right here!


And while you’re at it, you should also give a listen to Maydar‘s new single Rinse & Repeat. It’s a song about being stuck in the same loop and repeating the same mistakes over and over again. We went to the release party earlier this week and have had the song playing on repeat ever since.

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