28 May 2024
New Music Friday: Jasmine Kara drops two EPs
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New Music Friday: Jasmine Kara drops two EPs

Jasmine Kara is one of our long-time favorites here at YLC and just basically the loveliest person you could ever meet. We have obviously been eagerly awaiting for her to release the music she has been working on ever since she relocated to the California sun to take her music dreams further.

So today she drops not one but two EPs with six songs on each – Love at First Sound and Phonograph.


It all started when Jasmine was contacted by two Swedish guys Albin Nicklasson and Niclas Laine, who were making music in the small village of Tenhult.

– They sent an instrumental track by mail and asked if it was my style and if I’d like to write the beat on it. I saw the potential in their productions and asked them to send more, Jasmine says.

She really liked what they sent and wanted to take it further with inspiration from her two idols Tupac Shakur and Aretha Franklin. The songwriting went quickly, but the recording turned out to take much longer. Jasmine also got problems with her vocal cords in connection with recording an audio version of her biographical book.

– Things just kept going wrong. Because of the vocal nodules I had to push the recording forward. And when I was finally able to record, we worked with a sound technician who lost stuff and recorded things in wrong frequencies. Another sound technician was jailed right after he recorded all my song tracks – so I had to record everything for a third time. And soon I found out I had to have my vocal cords operated, Jasmine explains.

– It should have taken a week, but it took one and a half years due to all the bad luck. But it also made me realize how much the songs meant to me. My voice also has a vulnerability on the songs because of all the problems. Frustration has always been a strong driving force for me, and that has given the attitude for the sound, Jasmine says

While waiting for the new sound technician to deliver, Jasmine continued writing more material with Albin and Niclas, and the next EP was basically done. So she decided to release the two EPs at the same time. There was no reason to wait, as so much time had already passed.

– Why not give the fans twice as much to listen to, since they’ve been so loyal and waiting as long as we have. 


The songs are about fighting, frustration, broken relationships, and the love of music. Have a listen below!


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