20 Jun 2024
New Music Friday: It’s Everything or Nothing with Miriam Bryant
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New Music Friday: It’s Everything or Nothing with Miriam Bryant

2016 really was Miriam Bryant’s year in Swedish music. She turned her participation in TV’s Så mycket bättre into the greatest success with her songs gracing the radiowaves and just about everybody’s streaming playlists.

Miriam also toured extensively thoughout the year. Her single Black Car is nominated for Song of the Year honors in both the P3 Guld awards and the Swedish Grammies.

Just in time for Friday the 13th, Miriam is kick-starting 2017 with a brand-new song called Everything.


Everything is a ballad, but it’s still got hooks and Miriam’s recognizable signature sound that she’s created together with her partner in crime Victor Rådström.

The song is pretty much a follow-up to her Black Car, which told the story of how she met her boyfriend (and prophesied that nothing lasts forever, no). In the new song she croons about childish games and stealing each other’s time, and how neither one is never gonna change…  “I could give you everything or nothing at all”.

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