25 Jul 2024
Lollapalooza 2023: Miss Li encourages to follow your dreams!
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Lollapalooza 2023: Miss Li encourages to follow your dreams!

Miss Li

Linda Karlsson, better known by her stage name Miss Li, is indeed a well-known Swedish singer and songwriter, so it’s no surprise that the crowd eagerly awaits her performance, resulting in a sizable gathering. As the first day of the Lollapalooza festival unfolds, a beautiful summer evening graces the scene, with the sun casting its bright rays directly onto the stage, which is adorned in black and red, exhuding a slightly kinky vibe.

With confidence, Miss Li takes the stage, donning black leather boots and a red dress that perfectly complements the stage’s ambiance. Her energy is contagious, and she skillfully engages with the audience, which, in my opinion, is always a great aspect of any performance. She conveys messages to the crowd about pursuing their dreams and believing in themselves.

During her set, she even shares a personal story from her teenage years, recounting her participation in a talent competition where the prize was the opportunity to perform on a ferry to Finland. Behind the scenes, she accidentally overhears the jury discussing her performance, stating that she has singing talent but lacks the qualities of an artist. This judgment has stayed with her ever since. However, her successful career stands as evidence that the jury was undeniably mistaken.

The performance encompasses a combination of her greatest hits and new songs, providing a delightful mix for the audience. Additionally, Miss Li treats the crowd to her recently released song “Våran sång” (Sweden’s official FIFA World Cup 2023 song). The audience, comprising women, men, and even children, joyfully dances and sings along with her, creating an atmosphere of shared excitement and pure fun. 

All photos © Nina Uddin

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