29 May 2024
Maxida Märak at Gröna Lund
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Maxida Märak at Gröna Lund

Maxida Märak at Gröna Lund

Storm warnings had kept the people away from the amusement park, but a select crowd of music fans got to see Maxida Märak deliver a solid show at Gröna Lund, returning to the small stage where she last played five years ago.

Maxida Märak always brings a ton of conviction and talks about important issues, fighting the good fight and standing up against injustices. This is evident in both her song lyrics as well as in the on-stage banter. She herself noted that she “sometimes talks too much”, being the grand-daughter of a preacher, but I doubt anybody in the audience thought it was too much, and some of her talking parts drew strong applause as well.

The weather turned out pretty nice after all, so Maxida’s upcoming single Regn was not as topical as she had thought it would be (but what a banger, so look out for it soon!) Another highlight of the concert included the wonderful rendition of Nu brinner ängarna with Maxida’s very own children’s choir including her own daughter NikeSunna.

After doing NikeSunnas jojk, she noted on how that was rather difficult for the audience to sing along to, so she launched into her reworking of the schlager classic Eloise, which she gained a hit with through Så Mycket Bättre.

An older crowd favorite, Eller Hur ended the set. The compulsory encore was again Maxida’s tribute to Missy Elliott, where Work It was entwined with Skuggan.

All photos © Nina Uddin

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