25 Jul 2024
Marcus and Martinus play an Unforgettable show at Grönan
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Marcus and Martinus play an Unforgettable show at Grönan

The dynamic duo of Norway’s twin pop wonders Marcus and Martinus played an UNFORGETTABLE concert at Gröna Lund in front of a huge crowd of adoring fans.

M&M of course recently represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, finishing in 9th place. Already last year they ended up in second place at Melodifestivalen behind Loreen, and the year before they took the victory in Masked Singer Sweden.

They have however been stars in Norway and Scandinavia since they were 10 years old, having won Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix Junior back in 2012.

The concert at Gröna Lund pulled a big crowd, and the most eager fans started camping out in front of the amusement park already a couple of days before the show. Everybody was of course eager to witness their ELEKTRISK live energy.

The duo showcased their undeniable talent and years of hard work in both their fine vocals and their synchronized dance moves. The concert blended their big hits with new releases, and Marcus and Martinus held the crowd wrapped around their fingers. The connection between the duo and their fans was clear to see.

Here are our pictures from the M&M concert by photographer Jytte Lindberg.

All photos © Jytte Lindberg

Text: Nina Uddin

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