20 Apr 2024
JANNA’s debut single sets expectations high
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JANNA’s debut single sets expectations high

JANNA is one of the most promising new artists we have heard in early 2019 with her gospel-tinged and soulful debut single A Thousand Times.

The Gothenburg-native singer, songwriter and actress JANNA has been living abroad for several years but has now made a move back to Sweden to work on her solo music project. She has previously been touring and collaborating with artists like Paul Rey, Janice and Lars Winnerbäck and singing with the amazing Get Up Soul Choir. She has a classical background, but has been merging influences from jazz, soul and pop to create her own sound.

A Thousand Times brings powerful and emotional vocals

A Thousand Times is about someone or something worth fighting for. About having to take risks in order to get something good, basically. The light often inhabits the dark too, that’s just life, JANNA tells about her debut tune.

JANNA says the song is about a specific on-and-off relationship she’s had, but also about relationships in general.

I’ve been burned so many times and tasted the bitterness of heartache over and over again. At some point I decided to never end up bitter, so when I found someone who was worth it, I would dare to dive in to that emotional rollercoaster again and again – a thousand times, if I had to.


We are very much looking forward to hearing more from JANNA, and there will be a debut EP in the works later this year.


Photos: Kitty Lingmerth

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