25 Jul 2024
Interview: Dotter talks Melodifestivalen
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Interview: Dotter talks Melodifestivalen

Johanna Jansson goes by the artist name Dotter and she has been gracing our playlists with her wonderful pop tunes ever since her debut with My Flower in 2014.

Last year she debuted as a songwriter in Melodifestivalen, as one of the writers behind Mariette’s A Million Years, which did very well and ended up on fourth place in the final. This year it’s Dotter’s turn to take the limelight herself, as she takes to the stage in the third Mello heat in Malmö on the 17th of February.

We had the chance to talk to Dotter just before she would dive into the Mello bubble, so naturally we spoke mostly about Melodifestivalen. She tells her record label had been asking her to join already before, but she had said no a couple of times.

Then this summer I felt like it would be really fun to do it, if someone wrote a really good song for me or if I wrote a good song myself.


The songwriters behind her entry Cry are none other than Thomas G:son, Peter Boström and Linnea Deb  (some of the most prolific Melodifestivalen and Eurovision songwriters, G:son and Boström being responsible for Loreen’s Euphoria and Linnea Deb for Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes, among countless other successful entries).

I’ve been a part of it at the end. They wrote the whole song, and I have made some small changes afterwards.

You can expect quite an intimate performance with lots of feelings.

When I heard this song, I just knew how I wanted to perform it and the creative director Richard Engfors helped me create it.

Dotter is really looking forward to the experience and doesn’t want to think of it too much as a competition.

I just want to give it all and enjoy. This must be the most fun thing you can ever do in your life as an artist.

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