16 Jul 2024
In Pictures: SVEA’s first hometown gig in 3 years
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In Pictures: SVEA’s first hometown gig in 3 years

One of our favorite Swedish pop girls SVEA is gearing up to release a full album soon, so she put together a show at Stadsgårdsterminalen to be able to play for Stockholm fans as well as family and friends. SVEA brought some of those friends up on stage with her as well, as you can see from the pictures below.

SVEA has already released two excellent singles in her new era, so we suggest you have a listen to Iconic and Effort to get some idea of what to expect from her album. And if you are heading to Lollapalooza, be sure to catch Ofenbach‘s set, as SVEA will be joining them on stage.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from SVEA’s hometown show…

SVEA was joined by Joel Gunnarsson, who is sharing songwriting credits on several songs on the upcoming album
The very cool Yaeger also showed up and the two of them did their rendition of Yaeger’s Water Pistol
And there was a third guest: Henric Edström
SVEA with her band

All photos © Nina Uddin

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