14 Jul 2024
In Pictures: Dina Ögon captured for your eyes only
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In Pictures: Dina Ögon captured for your eyes only

Dina Ögon at Gröna Lund

As you may recall, Dina Ögon made an impression on us at last year’s Lollapalooza Stockholm. Since then they have gone on to gain plenty of critical acclaim, including winning the Swedish Grammis for Album of the Year as well as Alternative Pop of the Year.

So when they played at Gröna Lund, we sent photographer Jytte Lindberg to capture the magical moments of their set and bring the exclusive pictures for your eyes only.

The band brings a unique blend of pop, soul and jazz influences in a wonderfully laid-back sound that feels very 70s retro but at the same time up-to-date and current. Lead vocalist Anna Ahnlund‘s mesmerizing voice, coupled with intricate guitar riffs from Daniel Ögren, creates a sonic landscape that transports the audience to dreamy landscapes far away from their daily worries. The rhythm section, consisting of Christopher Cantillo on drums and Love Örsan on bass, provides a solid and groovy foundation that will have everybody in the crowd swaying, if not fully dancing throughout the whole show.

Here are our favorite pictures from Dina Ögon’s show at Gröna Lund:

All photos © Jytte Lindberg

Text: Nina Uddin

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