20 Apr 2024
New Music Friday: Who is Laura Nox?
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New Music Friday: Who is Laura Nox?

As you may know, Fridays mean new music and we have listened to a bunch of new stuff again…

The one song that really stands out from today’s Swedish releases is Save a Little Love from a new enigmatic artist calling herself Laura Nox. The record company hints that what we have here is a previously gold-selling artist under a new name. I’ve been racking my brain and my internal jukebox to figure out who it is, and I do have a little guess… but I’ll keep it to myself for now (wouldn’t want to spoil it anyways).

In the meantime, have a listen yourselves to this song which brings together suggestive electronic sounds with indie sensibilities, and a great melody with dramatic tones of darkness. The lyrics are a commentary on the ongoing refugee situation and how it has been handled politically.


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