12 Jul 2024
Fresh Swedish Sounds: Nadia Nair
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Fresh Swedish Sounds: Nadia Nair

We had the chance to catch Nadia Nair at Pop House Live the other day. Nadia Nair has been a personal favorite ever since her first single release Bon Voyage about four years ago. If you have not yet heard her amazing debut album Beautiful Poetry, which came out earlier this year, it’s high time you did yourself a favor and had a listen.

Nadia’s soulful and unique voice is sure to stir emotions and her eclectic music takes you to a variety of different places. In her music she has incorporated influences from her maternal heritage (Indian/Malaysian) with modern pop, soul, blues and electronic music. And her words can indeed be very beautiful poetry.


Check out Nadia’s album and some of our photos from the Pop House gig.









Photos: Nina Uddin

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