18 Jul 2024
Fontän ready to gush tunes!
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Fontän ready to gush tunes!

The Swedish duo Fontän was formed in Gothenburg in 2006. Back then Jesper Jarold and Johan Melin released their debut album, ‘Aktionskammarn’.  In 2009 the band released their second, ‘Winterhwila’. Then they took a little break. Their long awaited and self titled album, “Fontän” was ranked one of the top albums of 2017! Since then they have become more active and frequent. They performed with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and published two 7” singles on Höga Nord Rekords.

Now they’re come back with some new, great tunes, traditionally very difficult to classify. I would say they explore genres like disco, folk, club, psychodelia, post and krautrock. The combination of the sounds was a perfect fit at the industrial venue, Hus 7 when they played in Stockholm.

I must say they’re in fantastic form on stage and ready to gush! Their music is great, very refreshing and suitable for so many different occasions – like parties, but also as background music for work or a workout. 

The supporting artist Siri Karlsson, was also amazing. Great voice, tunes and the whole  image – could easily be a track from the new season of The Witcher. 

The crowd was mixed, people in their 20s and also some older ones. An impressive fact was that some people had followed them here from their hometown, so it was not just Stockholmers. I spoke with Lena, who came to the gig with a friend and she told me it was her first time to see them performing. “ They are unlike other bands I listen to. The music is really easy to enjoy. Way better than I had expected, actually. Even though it sounds like techno meeting rock it is so easy to dance to it. I like the repetitive moments in each track, it feels like a meditative trance. Perfect for Friday night to discover something new. It was a great discovery for me“ 

The band seems very confident on the stage, they could probably improve their stage presence, I mean to acknowledge the dedicated audience a bit more. But maybe it’s their image. Or it’s just me, used to the British style. Because people were dancing, shouting and enjoying themselves, even the staff behind the bar. 

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