25 Jul 2024
Ellen Krauss takes her deserved place on the big stage at Grönan
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Ellen Krauss takes her deserved place on the big stage at Grönan

Ellen Krauss at Gröna Lund in Stockholm

After her stint on Så Mycket Bättre in 2023, Ellen Krauss has become what we call folkkär in Sweden, ie. beloved by the people. As proof of that popularity, she made it to number one in the Svensktoppen chart with her cover of Inatt. But she’s also achieved critical acclaim and was just recently awarded the Swedish Grammis for Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

And to check another box of what it means to be folkkär, she’s doing her own Sommarprat on the radio, a more than six decades long summer tradition on the Swedish Radio of famous and/or interesting people talking about topics of their own choosing.

So it feels only right that she will be playing on the big stage in Gröna Lund on a June evening in 2024. And she is up there like it’s the most natural thing for the 23-year-old, like that is where she belongs. But of course she’s been at it for a while already, getting discovered on SoundCloud when she was 16 and playing lots of shows around Sweden in the build-up to this moment.

She has a uniquely touching voice, and her songs center on personal story-telling, which is what has given her many fans. And she looks like a total rockstar up on that stage, wielding her guitar and wearing those leather chaps.

We bring you a set of photos from the show by photographer Jytte Lindberg.

Fellow Så Mycket Bättre star Jonathan Johansson joined Ellen on stage

All photos © Jytte Lindberg

Text: Nina Uddin

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