25 Jul 2024
Billie Eilish takes Stockholm by storm
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Billie Eilish takes Stockholm by storm

Billie Eilish is the hottest artist around right now, at least if you ask just about any teenager. So of course she created a fair amount of chaos when she played in Stockholm.

Billie Eilish‘s success has pretty much exploded recently, so much so that the Stockholm concert had to be moved to a bigger venue and even that was not nearly enough. The 3500 capacity Fryshuset arena was sold out way in advance. The show was actually Billie’s largest headlining show up to that date (don’t think that record would be very long-lived). Before the show there were hundreds of meters of queues going around the block to the venue, and the most devoted fans had been camping outside for hours on end. Earlier during the day Billie did a signing session at a record store in the city, creating chaos on Drottninggatan.

The crowd was predominantly female, most of them in their teens, i.e. Billie’s age or a couple of years younger. The screaming of the fangirls was deafening at times, but one could not help but feel in awe of how the crowd reacted to her every move and sang along to her every word. The youthful energy was off the charts.

The thing I kept thinking about was how amazing it is that this generation of teenage fangirls has this coolest of the cool girl of their own age as an idol. Way cooler than the boy bands earlier generations have been screaming for.

But Billie Eilish has not just been making an impression on the young ones, she has been getting critical praise from many corners and is hailed as the big hope of popular music’s future. In fact, a certain Dave Grohl has called her the future of rock’n’roll and compared her impact to what happened with Nirvana in the early 90s. If you missed Billie’s Stockholm gig now, be sure to catch her, and Mr. Grohl’s Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza Stockholm this summer.

Here are some of our pictures from Billie’s Stockholm show…

Beside backing Billie up in her set, her brother Finneas had the honor of being the opening act. And the crowd showed their love to him too…


The other opening act was the Atlanta, Georgia hip hop duo Earthgang.


Billie was clearly happy over getting some fan mail from the front row



All photos: Nina Uddin

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