21 Jun 2024
Miriam Bryant on her new single and those huge crowds
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Miriam Bryant on her new single and those huge crowds

Everybody loves Miriam – or at least that’s what it feels like right now. Everybody wants a piece of Miriam Bryant. The media can’t get enough of her and she’s everywhere now as she’s just released a long-awaited new single, fresh off the biggest shows of her career. And all the attention is well deserved.

We had the chance to ask Miriam a few quick questions as she joined the presentation of artists for this summer’s Allsång på Skansen season. Miriam obviously garnered the most interest, only rivalled by the new hostess of the show Sanna Nielsen, and Sweden’s this year’s Eurovision entry Frans.

Miriam told she was looking forward to doing the Allsång – actually for her second time, as she performed her breakthrough hit Push Play on the legendary Solliden stage three years ago.

I am looking forward to it, it’s a very big deal. It’s a big deal for the Swedish people and a lot of the artists who are performing. I think it’s important to honor folk music and this is a nice sing-along tradition, keeping the Swedish folk music in the popular culture.

Miriam has recently played some of the biggest shows of her career (so far), at Gröna Lund in Stockholm and Liseberg in Gothenburg. She also had the chance to join Sweden’s biggest rockstar (and Miriam’s childhood hero/idol) Håkan Hellström for his two record-breaking arena shows at Ullevi in Gothenburg (which happens to be both Miriam’s and Håkan’s hometown).

Miriam at Gröna Lund in May 2016
Miriam at Gröna Lund in May 2016

We had to ask the classic question: How did it feel to be in front of such huge crowds?

It’s always a great feeling to perform. When it’s my own shows, I’m super proud of having such a big crowd there. When I played Liseberg I think it was like 20,000 people there and Gröna Lund was like 13,000. So these big crowds feel of course very satisfying.

Ullevi was something else, because that was 70,000! So you can’t really see the people, it’s just like a massive sea of heads. That was something  else, but that was huge for me too of course. I’m grateful for getting the chance.

Friday the 17th of June sees the release of Miriam’s eagerly awaited single – her first new release after the huge breakthrough into the consciousness of the Swedish masses on the Så mycket bättre TV show last autumn. She premiered the song live a week earlier in connection with the Denniz Pop Awards, and already at first listen the song had a somewhat mellow yet very catchy feel to it. We asked Miriam to tell us what the song is all about.

It’s called Black Car and it’s a love song, about love at first sight. It’s about how I met my boyfriend in Berlin on a dancefloor. And it’s also about how nothing is forever, unfortunately.

Have a listen to the new song below

Miriam has her calendar full of concerts for the rest of the summer as well, and you can see her all around Sweden.

These are the shows closest to Stockholm:
5th of August:  the Nynäskalaset in Nynäshamn
12th August: A Walk in the Park in Uppsala
26th August: Kringelfestivalen in Södertälje

Miriam was also kind enough to send our readers some summer greetings:


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