25 Jun 2024
Interview: Camilla Fritzén lives her life through music
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Interview: Camilla Fritzén lives her life through music

We talked to Camilla Fritzén, who truly lives her life through music, and her love for music has made her life as joyful as a song with the deepest of lyrics.


Music is a part of our daily life from childhood and until the very end. Certain rhythms influence our mood or induce certain feelings. And we love it even if we are just listening to it. But when you are living as a musician, things become much more intense. For a musician music is not only an art, a passion and a love, but also a way of living and perceiving the world. Music fulfils our conscious and unconscious needs. People learn through music, improve their lives, making them more interactive, deep and curious.


Tell us when and why did you start your life as a musician?

I’ve been singing from the day I was born. I’ve always known that I will work as a singer. I tried to do something else for a while, but I have felt miserable because I was not singing and this is a part of me that I can’t live without.


Which instruments do you play?

Vocals and piano. Vocals felt natural from the beginning and the piano was a tool to be able to sing. I had a piano at home so it was an easy choice.


Do you come from a musical family?

Yes, but none of my family are professional musicians. My mother is a dance teacher having her own school, my brother used to be an actor and my father is a music lover.


Which famous musicians or bands do you admire? Why?

Lisa Nilsson and Ted Gärdestad. They are very sensitive in connecting the lyrics with their hearts, so it moves you. That’s what music is all about.


Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

I’ve been doing a lot of different things: musical theatre, singing in several bands and right now I’m doing my dream project. I started a band called Fröken Elvis with four of the best musicians and personalities I could find. We released an album a year ago, called Elvis på svenska. The concept is having Elvis Presley’s songs translated into Swedish and arranged in an acoustic way. We are five musicians making the show, but using eleven instruments: two guitars, an acoustic bass, drums, trombone, accordion, harmonica, melodica, piano, percussions and voice. We have played together for three years. We have put out eight songs on a CD and it was very well received by the audience. We reached a viral top list on Spotify and we are still increasing our streaming numbers. We also had a show at Stadsteatern in Stockholm where we sold out everything in 10 minutes, and six months later the show was taken to the main stage at the theatre. Now we are alsoi going on a summer tour around Sweden. 


How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Over the years, mistakes became something fun that brought me into the present. For the artist, mistakes are a show of ingenuity. Mistakes nowadays force you to be in the present and that’s what it’s all about.

Do you also teach music?

Yes. I am a vocal coach and choir conductor. I studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.


What inspires you?

When I write lyrics I kidnap my friends’ lives. I write about things that matter to me, meaning the people that surround us. 


What skills/personal attributes are most important for becoming successful?

Stepping outside the comfort zone and listening to yourself. I changed my perspective of the word “successful” during the years. When I was younger I thought it was all about fame and money, but now it’s all about balance, harmony and happiness. I also think that ever since I’ve changed my view of what success means I am a lot more successful. 


How important is image?

If you want to create something that is more consistent you should focus more on who you are, because if you start focusing on image there is a big risk that you start becoming something that you are not and the people will start to feel you are fake and people want true personalities.


What would your friends say they appreciate the most about you?

That I’m a good listener. 


Three qualities that helped you as an artist.

I see possibilities, I am very stubborn and won’t accept refusals. Also I am curious about everything, especially people.


What are your future plans?

I’ve had a lot of goals, but now I’m living my dream through my work with music. I am also trying to achieve the deepness and consistence of my creation.


How can people get in touch with you?

We have a booking agency for the band called MTA, but if you just want to reach out for the band it’s [email protected].


Video of Fröken Elvis doing their Swedish version of In the Ghetto

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