18 Apr 2024
In Pictures: Miriam Bryant’s tour premiere at Cirkus
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In Pictures: Miriam Bryant’s tour premiere at Cirkus

Live music has returned to Stockholm and Sweden in full force, as the dates postponed due to Covid are dotting the calendar. Miriam Bryant is one of the artists heading out on tour and she had her premiere night of the PS. Jag hatar dig tour at Cirkus.

Miriam of course already did a couple of very special film-interview-concert nights at the Rigoletto movie theater in connection with the release of her latest album in November, but the tour that was supposed to follow in January/February was moved for later when restrictions were put in place again.

Many fans at the sold-out Cirkus arena were experiencing their first live concert in a very long time, so the atmosphere was brimming with expectations, which Miriam certainly lived up to.

The show was built around new songs from the PS. Jag hatar dig album, beefed up with more of her Swedish-language hits from her Mi Amor EP. The only English-language song of the evening, Black Car, basically served to remind me how much I miss hearing Miriam in English. Her Swedish lyric game is very strong as well though, so I ain’t complaining (at least not too much).

Miriam spoke about the themes in her songs, especially about having learned that the opposite of love is having boundaries. She confessed to having had difficulties with setting her boundaries, which had led to letting “boundaryless” people into her life. She said she is getting better at it now, but at least those experiences have given us many touching songs about heartbreak…

Miriam was also joined on stage by her good friend Molly Sandén for a rendition of Blåmärkshårt (Mi Amor), which turned into pretty much of a love-fest, also because Molly’s boyfriend David Larsson was on guitar duty in Miriam’s band once again. Plenty of other well-known faces of friends of Miriam could also be spotted in the audience, including Sweden’s Eurovision representative Cornelia Jakobs.

The show ended with confetti rain, in the shape of Miriam’s trademark broken hearts. That was rather fitting, as the exhilarating feelings Miriam’s live shows give the audience always come accompanied with that melancholy touch of heartbreak.

All photos © Nina Uddin

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