17 Apr 2024
The Tuesday Chinwag
What's on: Stockholm

The Tuesday Chinwag

Tuesday’s can be especially cruel.

So don’t sit there waiting for the summer to come.

Head down for some laughs with The Tuesday Chinwag!

Ben, Ben and James are three funny English blokes who wear glasses.

This spring, they want you to join them at Kafe Klaver in Södermalm for a nice sit down and a chat. There’ll be music too, provided by Nicholas Perry who is another Englishman with glasses.

The Tuesday Chinwag takes place on the first Tuesday of each month starting on the 7th February. Each month Ben, Ben and James will get to grips with a different topic while Nicholas will put the subject to music in his inimitable style.  In February, it’s ‘The Weather’, then the following profoundly important subjects will be pulled apart and grappled with: ‘Love’ (6th March), ‘Pets’ (3rd April), ‘Pot Luck’ (1st May).

About The Tuesday Chinwag

Ben Kersley

Ben Kersley is the older, wiser and hairier of the two Bens in The Tuesday Chinwag. He has lived in Sweden since 2006 and performs stand up comedy in English and fluent Svengelska. He has toured Sweden with DJ Danny (BBC 6Music) and his own show 110% Lagom. The highpoint of his career was playing The Honey Monster and in Sweden his eyebrows raise an eyebrow in OLW’s Fredagsmys adverts.

Ben Richards

Ben Richards started performing stand up in 2007 while backpacking in New Zealand. His thinking was that is things went wrong he couldn’t be further from his home in England. On the cusp of success in NZ and Australia, he promptly moved back to Europe and (thanks to a woman) suddenly found himself living in Stockholm where people have continued to laugh at him

James McKie

James McKie comes from a part of England that still points at aeroplanes. He started performing stand up in 2008 in the Bungy Comedy competition where he got to the final and didn’t win. Since then however he has performed at a variety of clubs around Sweden and recently headlined a micro-tour of the Baltic region.

Nicholas Perry

Nicholas Perry shot to fame on TV4’s Idol. He sang massively inappropriate songs about drugs which the Swedish audience didn’t understand and found himself being asked to sing and dance in a boy band. Nicholas perfected his confused look, won the hearts of the viewing public and was duly voted off. He is now a minor celebrity with a regular spot on East FM and a following of Swedish teens who still don’t understand what his songs are about.

When / Where


tisdag den 7e februari

tisdag  den 6e mars

tisdag den 3e april

tisdag den 1e maj

Kafe Klaver, Rutger Fuchsgatan, 5


For more info [email protected]

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