12 Jul 2024
The Stockholm Christmas Market Scoop
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The Stockholm Christmas Market Scoop

It’s been a snowless December, and thus it’s understandable if you need a little help lifting your holiday spirits. So why not head to a Christmas market? There are a few worth a visit in Stockholm – some traditional, some a little more edgy – so let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.


Skansen’s Christmas Market

It doesn’t get more traditional than Skansen, Sweden’s wildly popular open-air museum. Christmas at Skansen is a full-scale immersion in the Swedish holiday experience. You can wrap up in something warm and enjoy glögg (mulled wine), sweets and savory treats, or you can take care of gifts, either by purchasing or making them at a crafts station. Beyond the Christmas market goodies, you can also enjoy a dance around the Christmas tree and listen to traditional Swedish musicians and carols.  Everyone in Stockholm should take a least one trip to Skansen (and most will take about 6,000), so why not make Christmas the occasion?

Hornstull’s Christmas Market

No gentrified neighborhood is complete without a Christmas market, and this year hip Hornstull is offering its very own. Located next to the new Hornstull marketplace, the Hornstull Christmas Market is open on December 20 and 21 from 12:00-18:00 both days. The stalls promise a diverse variety of interesting ware from far and wide, so if you’re looking for an alternative Christmas environment, this just might be the place to go.

The Christmas Market in Gamla Stan

Like Skansen, the Christmas Market in Gamla Stan is very traditional, and like Skansen, it is also a bit of a tourist trap. But that’s ok. The cute little red stalls in the heart of Stortorget will still entice you with smoked sausage, elk and reindeer meat, cheese, sweets, glögg and a wide variety of Swedish handicrafts made with expertise. Then there’s always the added bonus of exploring the nooks and crannies around Gamla Stan, some of which stay surprisingly secretive given the crowds of visitors. The Christmas Market in Gamla Stan is open from December 16-23, so take an evening to enjoy the sights, smells and secret spots if you can.

Christmas at Rosendals Trädgård

Are you a green thumb or a nature lover? If the answer is yes, then Christmas at Rosendals Trädgård is right up your alley. The festivities take place from December 16-21, and while it’s not a Christmas market in the traditional sense, you will find “wishing trees”, a nativity scene and a Santa spot in the greenhouse, as well as flowers, wreaths, baked goods and holiday-themed food dispersed here and there. In addition to the Christmas goodies on the Rosendal grounds, getting to the well-kept gardens is also a treat: take a lovely tour of Djurgården by foot or tram.

Kungsträdgårdens Christmas Market

The Christmas market at Kungsträdgården offers a lot of what can be found at the other markets: glögg, goodies and handicrafts. What really makes it worth a visit, however, is the fact that you can put on some ice skates and slip and slide around on the rink right next to it – two fun holiday activities in one! To take full advantage of the deal, make sure to take a visit before December 22!


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