14 Jul 2024
Stockholm Film Festival: Reader Giveaway
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Stockholm Film Festival: Reader Giveaway

This week Stockholm International Film Festival (6-17th November) revealed its much awaited program, including more than 180 film premieres from over 50 countries. YLC has teamed up with the organizers for a fabulous reader giveaway!


Held for the first time in 1990, the festival was the brainchild of Ignas Scheynius and Kim Klein together with present festival director Git Scheynius – three film enthusiasts who felt that Stockholm should have a film festival of international rank. Each year since, the festival’s organization has expanded until reaching where they are today  and over the past 22 years some 3,000 movies from all over the world have been screened. Celebrated guests like Dennis Hopper, Lauren Bacall, Gena Rowlands, Ang Lee, David Cronenberg, Roman Polanski, Terry Gilliam and Elia Kazan have all attended the Festival in the past. 

This year’s event will be held 6-17 November and the spotlight this year is freedom – a common thread that runs through the entire festival.

“It has unfortunately proved to be a highly current topic, as our member of jury Ai Weiwei has a travel ban and cannot be present during the festival. We also recently received the news that the Iranian-German director Mohammad Rasoulof (Manuscripts Don’t Burn) had his passport confiscated in Iran and will not be able to leave the country,” said festival director Git Scheynius.

This year the Stockholm International Film Festival 2013 opens with Steve McQueen’s historical drama 12 Years A Slave. The middle film is the magnificent love portrayal Blue is the Warmest Color/Adele chapters 1 & 2 by Abdellatif Kechiche. The festival closes with Stephen Frear’s highly acclaimed Philomena.

The program in its entirety can be found here and YLC will be giving you the lowdown on the top tips and what not to miss before the event, as well as report from the festival itself. 

To attend a screening, one must first purchase a annual membership card (220 SEK), ticket prices then vary between 75 SEK for a regular show, 50 SEK for a day show (before 4pm) and 130 SEK for a Red Carpet Screening, which is a gala screening of the festival’s major films. Before these  gala shows, visitors are welcome to drinks and snacks in the foyer of Skandia cinema.

To buy membership cards and/or tickets visit the website, the Festival Centre at Kulturhuset (opens Oct 23, and will be open Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat-Sun 11-17) or at the festival theatres during the festival (6-17 November). Membership cards can also be purchased at Press Stop on Götgatan and at Papercut on Krukmakargatan.

The festival is also looking for volunteers, so if you are willing and able – get in touch with them asap!

This year Your Living City had annual membership cards to give away to ten lucky readers! All you had to do to enter the giveaway was to answer the question “What is the name of the festival’s LGBT themed films initiative?” in the  comments below! Winners were picked at random and announced on Facebook! The competition is now closed!

Congratulations to our ten winners!


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  • Jenne Maes 24 Oct 2013

    Answer: Under the Rainbow

  • Lainy 24 Oct 2013

    Under the rainbow

  • faisal 24 Oct 2013

    “Stockholms filmfestival – Under the Rainbow”

  • Maggan 24 Oct 2013

    The answer is Under the Rainbow 🙂

  • Val 24 Oct 2013

    soooooooomewhere “UNDER THE RAINBOW”

  • Steph 24 Oct 2013

    “Under the Rainbow” is the name of the LGBT initiative by Stockholm International Film Fest!

  • Dheeraj Kumar Bansal 24 Oct 2013

    ”Stockholms filmfestival – Under the Rainbow” – that’s the name of the festival’s new LGBT initiative

  • Monica Shevell 24 Oct 2013

    Under the Rainbow….but of course!

  • Ela 24 Oct 2013

    “Under the rainbow” that is!

  • Anna Lovece 24 Oct 2013

    LGBT themed films initiative name is: “Under the Rainbow”

  • Sophie 24 Oct 2013

    “Under the Rainbow”, the new initiative to highlight LGBT-themed films.

  • Lucia Manzone 24 Oct 2013

    Under the Rainbow

  • T 24 Oct 2013

    Under The Rainbow

  • Hanne De Clercq 24 Oct 2013

    Under the Rainbow!

  • Anders 24 Oct 2013

    Under The Rainbow

  • Rankitka 25 Oct 2013

    Under the rainbow!

  • Daniele Petrili 27 Oct 2013

    Under the Rainbow

  • Jason 30 Oct 2013

    under the rainbow

  • Jason 30 Oct 2013

    lgbt – Under the rainbow

  • Katie 31 Oct 2013

    Under the rainbow!

  • Liza 31 Oct 2013

    Under the rainbow

  • Susan 31 Oct 2013

    -Under the Rainbow-

  • Pearl Jones 31 Oct 2013

    Under the Rainbow

  • Jasmine A 31 Oct 2013

    Under the rainbow.

  • Anna 31 Oct 2013

    Under the Rainbow

  • Paolo Velasquez 31 Oct 2013

    Under the rainbow

  • Glenys 31 Oct 2013

    Under the rainbow 🙂

  • Lisa 1 Nov 2013

    Under the rainbow

  • Angela 1 Nov 2013

    Under The Rainbow!

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