18 May 2024
Race for the Baltic cycling tour reaches Stockholm
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Race for the Baltic cycling tour reaches Stockholm

Want to have some fun and save the Baltic Sea? Here’s your chance – join Race for the Baltic on Thursday in their quest to save our sea.


Race for the Baltic, a 3-month, 9 countries, 3,500 km cycling tour aimed at raising public awareness about the perilous state of the Baltic Sea, arrives in Stockholm 27 June for four days of events, fun and a chance to save the Baltic Sea, one of the most polluted seas in the world.

Race for the Baltic launched in Malmö June 8th and the core team of cyclists has been wending its way up the Swedish coast ever since, stopping in towns and villages along the way to stage events, engage with the public and collect signatures for a petition, which will be presented to Baltic Sea region Environmental Ministers in October.

The core cycling team is an international one, with members coming from Sweden, Estonia, Spain and the United States. They’ve already cycled more than 1,000 km and are still going strong – but we’re told that the more people who join them the more likely they are to keep up their stamina!

Race for the Baltic kicks off the Stockholm leg of its tour with a cycling race through the center of the city. The man behind the campaign, Skype-founder Niklas Zennström, will lead the cycling race from Södermalm to Östermalm and any member of the public who wants to grab their bike and join the ride should meet in front of the Clarion Hotel on Ringvägen (Södermalm) by 9.15am on Thursday, June 27.

It’s not a long ride, by the way – but definitely a scenic route – as it’s going from the Clarion Hotel through Gamla Stan and finishing in front of the Grand Hotel, where the public can find the Race for the Baltic event tent for the next four days. There will be activities for everyone and a chance to meet the team and talk about the future of the Baltic Sea.

Race for the Baltic will be in both Gustavsberg (Värmdö) and Vaxholm on the 28th of June, with more events for the public and a chance to ride with the team.

If you want to save the Baltic Sea grab your bike and ride with Race for the Baltic, or simply stop by and say hello to the team and learn more about what can be done to reverse the damage already done to the Baltic.

For more information, check out the website  raceforthebaltic.com

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