20 Jun 2024
Liquorice festival in Stockholm – April 20th-21st
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Liquorice festival in Stockholm – April 20th-21st

“Chocolate is like classical music and liquorice is like rock ‘n’ roll.”

Tuija Räsänen

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The Liquorice Festival in Stockholm is an annual celebration, with over 1500 square meters given over to the black gold. The main goal of the festival is to gather “the liquorice world”, including consumers, suppliers, manufacturers, lecturers, creators, etc. in order to inform, try, taste and show the variety of new liquorice products that we find in the market.

The initiator of the Liquorice Festival is Tuija Räsänen, who run the chocolate and liquorice store “Choklad & Lakrits” in Stockholm, Trosa and online. In 2009 she wanted to arrange a small event for all those who love liquorice. The purpose was that the festival was going to become a meeting-place for both the liquorice-industry (manufacturers, retailers, journalists etc.) and the people who loves liquorice. Since then, the festival has gotten bigger and more popular; this year, it takes place at Annexet, close to Ericsson Globe on April 20-21.

Highlights this year include:

· A show with the festival chef in the public festival kitchen

· The exhibition “Liquorice memories” with a collection of small historical pastille boxes

· Live- production of liquorice with Johan Bülow, the owner and creator of Lakrids by Johan Bülow

· Try a new flavor by Lakritsfabriken: Liquorice with bacon

· Elisabeth Johansson, author of the newly released cookbook Liquorice, will have a luxury tasting with liquorice and sparkling wine

· A SPA with liquorice-theme

· A cheese-tasting with liquorice with Beriksson

If you’re a fan of liquorice or curious to see what all the fuss is about, you’d be mad to miss it!

Details at http://www.lakritsfestivalen.se/in-english/

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