18 May 2024
CLICK! Acclaimed photo-based improv show comes to Stockholm
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CLICK! Acclaimed photo-based improv show comes to Stockholm

International Theater Stockholm is bringing Tim Orr (from San Fransisco) and Inbal Lori (from Tel Aviv) to Stockholm to perform their improv show “CLICK”. The duo uses photographs provided by the audience to find inspiration for their characters and situations. Tim and Inbal are known as skillful improvisers and their show has been warmly received by audiences all over Europe.

We had a chance to ask Tim Orr a few questions to get a bit more insight on the show and improv in general.

As it’s improv, I can’t really ask what the audience can expect from the show… But can you tell a bit more about the format of Click?

In the Click show, we get the audience to send in photos of anything at all (within reason), then our tech person numbers the photos, and we ask for a number from the audience to start our scene, and that photo comes up. We haven’t seen it before. It’s really interesting how the visual input differs from getting verbal suggestions from the audience. It’s evocative, which we like. The show is mostly unrelated short scenes, though we may bring a story back several times if we feel the impulse, and a theme may or may not develop. It’s very free-wheeling.

Are there differences between audiences in different countries and does that affect your improv shows?

There are differences — more or less enthusiastic, knowledgable about improv, etc., but I’d have to say that we try to not it let affect our shows much. I think of improv troupes like rock bands — you don’t change what you play to suit the country or culture; you do your thing, and if people like, that’s great. Also, we do more “timeless” than topical stuff, so I find that audiences of all kinds respond to our work.


What do you think is the best thing about doing improv and what are the biggest challenges?

The best thing about doing improv is definitely the money and the women. And also, getting to play for a living. The challenges/opportunities are never-ending, there’s so much you have to do and know. But that’s the cool thing about improv — you never really arrive. So you do your best to learn and apply all the skills that go into becoming a group of storytellers, and then you let all of that go when you hit the stage. You have to. It’s out of your hands at that point. For control freaks like me, this is a great thing.

Be sure to catch the one-off show with Tim Orr and Inbal Lori in Stockholm on 14th of May.

Where: Boulevardteatern, Götgaran 73, Stockholm
When: 14th May 2016 at 20:00
Tickets: Ticnet.se
Send your pictures to the show: [email protected]



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