23 Jun 2024
Shake it Up: Stockholm’s Top 7 Milkshake Stops
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Shake it Up: Stockholm’s Top 7 Milkshake Stops

Fancy cooling down in a conventional-turned-unconventional way? Then why not try a good old-fashioned milkshake? There are plenty of places to get a good milkshake in Stockholm, but the 5 listed below will really give your mouth something to sing about:


Flippin’ Burgers

The milkshakes at Flippin’ Burgers are made with Ben and Jerry’s fair trade ice cream and organic milk, so you can indulge eco-friendly style. Added bonus: Flippin’ Burgers brags some of the best burgers in town (if you’re looking for more than a sugar-kick).


Would it be a sin to grab a milkshake at a regular old fast food joint? No, no it wouldn’t, not if you go to Max, where the homemade “Lyxshakes” are pretty darn satisfying and come in a variety of tasty flavors: blueberry, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, mango and apple pie.


StikkiNikki may not sell traditional milkshakes, but they offer another summer classic that is not so easy to find in Stockholm: the float – root beer, black cherry and Coca-Cola floats to be exact.

18 Smaker

Another eco-friendly choice, 18 Smaker has consistently been voted one of Stockholm’s best ice cream shops and they will make you a milkshake in any flavor you like – so long as it’s on the menu. Added bonus: there are vegan options so…veganshake anyone!?

Ben & Jerry’s

With everything from the traditional shake to the coffee-liciousness of the Barista Shake – we can’t mention Milkshakes and not mention Ben & Jerry’s. Although a bit on the expensive side, it’s still danged good.

Espresso House

Espresso House, that haven for the free wifi-searching journalist of today, sell a very tasty frappé – the frapino. Wether you are more into the coffee-flavoured shake or the more berry-esque one – there’ll be something for you. Oh, and they come in both big and small.

Vampire Lounge

Yep, ice cream cocktails are a thing. At Söder’s Vampire Lounge, you can get grown-up milkshakes with names like “Vlad the Impailer” and “911” and – in addition to generous dollops of ice cream – these babies are loaded with Bailey’s, peanuts, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, bananas, Kahlua and Absolut. How can you go wrong?

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  • Uran Barry 1 Aug 2014

    Also you forgot to add Lily’s in Hornsberg strand

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