25 Feb 2024
The List: Top 6 Stockholm Froyo Places
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The List: Top 6 Stockholm Froyo Places

Frozen Yogurt? Yes please! Yummy. Just five years ago this delicious goody was hard (or almost impossible) to find in our beloved city, but nowadays these flavour factories are booming and most likely you already have one very close to you.

These shops will charge by the weight of the yoghurt and extras you have chosen and they present plenty of options for topping it, both healthy and less healthy. This feels very similar to choosing your lördagsgodis (Saturday sweets/candy) in the supermarket, so no wonder why so many Stockholmers are getting hooked. (But for the most part real froyo enthusiasts appreciate the healthier options; like fresh fruit.)

New in Stockholm or new to froyo? It isn’t always easy to know where to look. Here’s our top 6 of Stockholm’s specialized Frozen Yogurt shops:

Honeycomb (6 shops, more on the way)

Where: Various, see website
We Especially Like: They offer a Yogcake, they are very clear on their ingredients and calories

Majito & Co

Where: Mäster Samuelsgatan 10
We Especially Like: More exotic flavours, they also serve coffee as well as carry a nice tea selection


Where: You can get your fix at Arlanda Airport and they will also be opening soon in Fältöversten shopping mall



Where: Täby Centrum, Sollentuna Centrum and Liljeholmstorget

Frozen Yogurt Factory 

Where: Enjoy while you shop with locations in: Gallerian, Kista Galleria and Täby Centrum


Where: Grev Turegatan 21
We Especially Like: Lactose free yogurt, they serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and Belgian waffles with yoghurt topping


And if you go and dig deep in the freezers in some select Stockholm supermarkets and manage to rummage through all the different kinds of ice cream, you MAY just find the real star of this tale, a new frozen yogurt brand called Yollibox, with a package so cool that it resembles a box of Chinese takeaway.

Maybe it is time to spoon your way to discovering your own favourite Stockholm Froyo!


Alegria Gonzalez

Images: Rebecca Martin

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