14 Jul 2024
Stockholm Brunch Club – Bringing a slice of Bondi Beach to Stockholm
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Stockholm Brunch Club – Bringing a slice of Bondi Beach to Stockholm

I lived in Australia for 12 years and a lot of that time was near Bondi Beach. It is there I first got introduced to the Australian café culture.

Especially on weekends, this is where all the cool kids and hipsters would be sitting outside on the terraces, sunglasses on, soaking up some sun. Either having surfed prior, or getting ready for a day on the beach and fun in the sun. It is a religion in Australia to head to the beach, grab a café latte, drink a healthy smoothie, to help debunk last nights debauchery and eat some smashed Avo (Avocado) with poached eggs. It is a dish that is as Australian as Vegemite and Lamingtons.

STHLM Brunch Club3

The Stockholm Brunch Club brings back all these memories for me. Maybe it’s the cool décor of the funky space. Hipsters sipping lattes, or that today happens to be a truly magical sunny day here in Stockholm.

It might be all of the above, but really it’s the Smashed Avo served on toast with poached eggs and of course the Freak Shakes that makes me reminisce!

You can’t book at this popular corner location cafe in Dalagatan. Therefore be prepared to wait for a table especially on weekends. (This is also a very Australian thing to do and very un-Swedish).STHLM Brunch Club1

The reason you will probably have to wait for a table is because the food and drinks are so bloody marvellous, and supply equals demand. They only have about 40 seats. Believe me its worth the wait.

Let’s first talk about the famous Freak Shakes!! I don’t think there could be a more epic drink (if you can call it a drink – it’s really a meal in a glass). These bad boys originated in Australia, they are monstrous concoctions, that will fix all your sugar cravings at once, with a mixture of milky goodness, rich gooey cakes, cookies, lashings of cream and a carnival of toppings. They look unbelievable when they arrive at the table, but it would be impossible to look elegant whilst tackling one.STHLM Brunch Club

They change regularly, but currently on the Freak Shake menu they had Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Cookie & Shake, and the Nutella Instashake! The last one got the name Instashake due to the popularity of customers posting picks of it to their Instagram accounts.

Don’t worry if you’re calorie-conscious. They also have a huge range of healthy drink options, using only fresh fruits and ingredients. We tried the Green Machine, which is a mix of apple, banana, kiwi, pineapple, spinach and cucumber. It was delicious!STHLM Brunch Club7

The food here is great. Everything is freshly prepared. We tried the aforementioned Smashed Avocado on toast with Poached Eggs.

We had an unusual version of Eggs Benedict, which was served with a spicy Chorizo sausage, 2 poached eggs, roasted yellow paprika, and home-made Hollandaise. I’ve eaten a lot of different versions of Eggs Benedict before, but this one really took me by surprise. The spicy sausage combined so well with the soft oozy poached eggs, hollandaise and avocado. I love it when food surprises me and this dish certainly did that.STHLM Brunch Club4

The American-style Pancakes were light and fluffy served with really good quality maple syrup and crispy bacon. This is truly one of my favourite brunch dishes and the restaurant offers a very high-quality version.

The Smoked Salmon Bagel was what you would expect when the kitchen uses good ingredients. Fresh, clean and tasty.STHLM Brunch Club6

So if you can’t afford a trip to Bondi Beach this summer, then be sure to bring your sunglasses (sunnies) and sit back and enjoy the best of Bondi right here in Stockholm!!

Important info: They do not take cash, card only!!


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