25 Jul 2024
Green Rabbit: Rye Bread Bakery to Open in Stockholm
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Green Rabbit: Rye Bread Bakery to Open in Stockholm

Rye isn’t exactly new. It’s an ancient grain Swedes have used for centuries. But lately it has fallen under the shadow of fluffy wheat breads – something Swedish chefs Mathias Dahlgren and Martin Berg are hoping to change with their brand Green Rabbit and a specific rye bread bakery in the heart of Stockholm.

“Bread is close to both mine and Martin’s heart and lately we have seen an increased demand for good quality rye bread,” Dahlgren said about his new venture.

Dahlgren is somewhat of a celebrity chef in Sweden and no stranger to quality ventures in the country’s capital. His self-named restaurant located in the Grand Hotel has been decorated with two Michelin stars, and its little brother restaurant, Matbaren, has its own star. Martin Berg has been Dahlgren’s right-hand man for over a decade and has a bright future himself. Together they are opening Green Rabbit, which will kick off operations this spring.

“Both Mathias and I have longed to make really good food more available, and now it’s time,” Berg stated of the plans.

“With the rye bread bakery we can meet a new audience while also offering a new product that preserves the Swedish bread culture.”


Green Rabbit

Green Rabbit will be both a bakery and a brand, filling the air on Tegnérgatan and Döbelnsgatan with the scent of fresh-baked grainy goodness. The location, the old Smörkringlans Bakery, has produced bread for some 80 years – but not like this.

The bakery’s focus will be on precisely those high-quality rye breads, but other sorts of bread and Swedish grain products will also be available. Customers will be able to sit down for a simple bite or choose to take away their purchases to enjoy at home.

The exact opening date has yet to be announced – but we’ll let you know as soon as the rabbit’s out of the bag!

Featured Image: Miriam Preis/imagebank.sweden.se. Green Rabbit Images: Mathias Dahlgren. Collage by Your Living City

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