22 Apr 2024
Insider Info: 5 Fave Lunchtime Haunts (Söder)
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Insider Info: 5 Fave Lunchtime Haunts (Söder)

New to Stockholm or just stuck in an eating rut? We share some of our fave places to snack on Stockholm’s Södermalm, whether you want to eat in or take away. You’re welcome!


Akki Sushi, Medborgarplatsen

Once recommended to us by the award winning Sushi chef at Stockholm’s Japanese Spa, this tiny, hole-in-the-wall eatery will often have a crowd of punters standing outside waiting for their food – yes, it is THAT good. Eat in, bring home, or go around the corner to Medis and sit in the sun to enjoy your deliciously fresh food!

Lima Deli, Åsögatan

Known to be frequented by foodies and cookbook authors, Lima Deli is well worth a visit. Just the pictures on their website makes anyone with a food fetish salivate.

Hammarströms Fisk, Östgötagatan

With the nicest salads and boxed lunches in town, this place is a haven for office workers in the area (Localites can often be spotted here) but handy microwave or no handy microwave, with Mosebacke just a stone’s throw away it is worth a trip to sit in picturesque surroundings and nosh down on some delicious food. Oh and their desserts are to DIE for – you know you want to!

Reggev Hummus, Ringvägen

Chickpea chick? Boy, do I have the place for you! At this little Söder restaurant, you can eat your fill of lovely creamy hoummus – with your topping of choice. Carnivores need not fear – there are meat options to go with your hoummus and pickles and bread to savour too!

Piccolo Metro, Ölandsgatan

Hole-in-the-wall Italian wine bar with authentic Italian food. Perfect for a quick after work drink with a snack. Local’s Pro Tip – between 5pm and 7pm the most gorgeous aperitivi are served. YUM!


Featured Image: Jon Åslund/Flickr (file)

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