24 Apr 2024
Laughing Stock #3 – Interview with Bec Hill
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Laughing Stock #3 – Interview with Bec Hill

It’s time for the third and final installment of Laughing Stock, Stockholm’s newest all English stand up comedy night at Teater Pero on Sveavägen. This final episode’s night of laughs comes from Bec Hill, Henrik Elmer and Amber Preston.


Joining the laugh-a-minute team on stage this week is Henrik Elmer, a deadpan and deliberate funnyman. Well known in Sweden and on the Scandinavian circuit, he also performs all over the world with frequent visits to the UK. He has his own weird and wonderful view on the world:  http://youtu.be/99WV5Kc9W3A

Amber Preston is a proud native of Fargo now living in L.A. and continues to turn heads in the comedy circuit. Preston is a natural improviser whose comedy has hilarious outcomes. http://youtu.be/bFX67BtnmMk

The headline act for the night is Bec Hill, a real live Australian comedian. Now living in London and a regular on the comedy circuit, we caught up with Bec to pose a few questions to get a feel for who would be entertaining us on Wednesday…

What’s been your most incredible moment as a comedian?

Once, I was using a laptop as part of a show and it stopped working right before the end. I had to reboot it and asked, “Does anyone have anything they can distract us with while I get this back up and running?” And a girl pulled out a huge tub of cupcakes from her bag and said, “Who wants a home-made cupcake?” She fed my entire audience. By the time they’d all eaten their treats, the laptop was running and I was able to finish the show. It’s moments like that which remind me that every gig is a team effort and you should never underestimate your audience.

What has been your most awkward moment on stage so far?

I was proposed to in my Edinburgh Fringe show in 2013. (It was my boyfriend – not just some random heckler!) It was such a surprise, I went into shock and stood there in silence for what felt like ages. Eventually I realised what was happening and said yes. Then I had to do the last 10 minutes of the show while crying (with happiness).

You love props. Do they make material easier, or do you just enjoy props?

I enjoy using my flipchart. It can be a pain to carry and set up, though. But it could be worse. My fiancé used to work for a Magician. That involves A LOT of props. At least I don’t have to transport a water tank with me everywhere!

What’s the best thing about your job…

The feeling you get after a good show. That and being able to stay in my pyjamas until late afternoon.

What is your alter-ego superhero and super power?

I did a show all about that way back in 2008/2009. But these days, I’m not so sure. I asked that question at a “Comedy Club 4 Kids” show the other day and a little boy said he would be “POO MAN” and his super power would be “super sticky poo” which he could throw in the faces of criminals. I think that’s as good a power as any. But with great poo, comes great responsibility.


Get your friends together for a night of belly laughs. See you on Wednesday 12th October!

For more info contact [email protected]
Get your tickets here:  https://billetto.se/sv/laughstock3


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