25 Jul 2024
Be a tourist in Stockholm for a couple of days!
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Be a tourist in Stockholm for a couple of days!

I have many friends and family from back home, promising to come and visit me in Stockholm; just as soon as the snow melts and the days get a little longer. Of course, they want to know which attractions are the best to visit and how to get the best ‘bang for their buck’ in this expensive city. But being a resident of Stockholm, I’m embarrassed by how few of the museums and attractions I have actually visited myself.

This spring, my plan is to get caught up in all the touristy things that I never got around to in my first year in Stockholm. After looking at my options, I decided that picking up the Stockholm Card would be the best way to see the places on my list, save some money along the way, and become a certified ‘expert’ tour-guide for my visitors. If you are in a similar position as me, and want to see more of what this wonderful city has to offer, then grabbing the Stockholm Card may be the ideal option for you too.

With the Stockholm Card you will have free admission to 80 of the most popular museums and attractions, including free travel on all SL public transportation and a handy guide book to help you along the way! Some other advantages include; free bicycle sightseeing during the summer, free trips on the Hop-On Hop-Off boat between May 1st  and September 11th, and free sightseeing by boat with the Historical Canal tour from June to August. There are also some bonus offers, including discounts on sightseeing tours with Stockholm Panorama and Open Top Tours bus companies, as well as discounts on boat trips to Drottningholm.

So just how many places must you visit to make purchasing the Stockholm Card worth your while? Well, first consider that most of the museums and attractions in Stockholm have an entrance fee of 60-120kr. Add to that transportation costs, and then decide how many consecutive days you wish to tour the city for. Most Card holders who I have spoken to, have agreed that the 72 hour card is the best option. It gives you the perfect number of hours to see the best attractions at a leisurely pace, while still saving you money.

Adult cards are 425kr for 24 hours, 550kr for 48 hours, 650kr for 72 hours and 895kr for 120 hours. Child cards are 195kr for 24 hours, 225kr for 48 hours, 245kr for 72 hours, and 285kr for 120 hours. Child cards must be bought and used along with Adult cards. Up to three children less than 7 years of age are free to go with an adult Stockholm Card holder. A separate child card is offered for children and youth between the ages of 7 and 17.

You can buy your Stockholm Card at the Stockholm Tourist Centre on Vasagatan 14 or at about 130 additional locations around the city. A list of the distributors is available at this link where you will also find that the card is available for online purchase:


If you have any additional queries you can email [email protected]

By Rachel Dee

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    If you are looking for best ‘bang for your buck’ we recommend the Stockholm Package. Hotel and City Card (75 attractions, 8 sightseeing tours, free public transport and lots of discounts). The lowest price is 565 SEK for an adult. Children free (0-12 years)

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