19 Apr 2024
YLC Christmas Giveaway: Stockholm Souvenirs
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YLC Christmas Giveaway: Stockholm Souvenirs

The Stockholm Papercraft Map is a unique keepsake that forms a miniature globe – a fun activity kit for all ages! And we have 3 to give YOU!


This map was carefully designed from the ground up by Hugo Ahlenius of Nordpil, a Swedish map design and GIS company, using data from the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap geographic database. The cartography was distorted to create a one-of-a-kind foldable design.

It’s easy to cut out and fold the map by following the step-by-step instructions. Next, glue or tape it into a 20-sided paper globe, about 12 cm (4.7”) in diameter. The assembly is easy, but adult supervision is recommended for kids under 8. The kit is sold as an A3-size sheet (29.7 x 42 cm or 11.7 x 16.5”). Available through resellers or by direct order. Cut it out and assemble it yourself with easy-to-follow instructions. The perfect gift for papercraft enthusiasts, tourists or friends of Stockholm.

Assemble this Stockholm souvenir just for the fun of it, or mark the places you’ve visited and the sites you’ve seen!


If this strikes you as an ideal gift for someone, please fill in our survey for the chance to win one of Hugo’s fantastic papercraft map for Christmas. Once you have filled in the survey, you just need to write down your favourite Stockholm location or ‘hidden gem’ in the comments area; you must do both for the chance to win!

If you have already filled in the survey to win something earlier, all you need to do is write the name of your favourite Stockholm ‘hidden gem’ in the comments area* – easy-peasy!


This competition is now closed.


Didn’t win? You still have a chance to purchase your map through a direct order with Nordpil!

Fine print:

Map will be posted direct to the winners.

Entrants must complete the survey and fill in the comments box to win.

Winners will be drawn at random by the YLC management

*Survey only needs to be completed once; then readers are entitled to enter all give-aways.


  • Michelle Ng Eriksson 7 Dec 2013


  • Heather 7 Dec 2013

    There are so many great places in Stockholm, it’s hard to just pick one…. But I do love Vinterviken.

  • J. 7 Dec 2013

    Gamla Stan

  • Gemma 7 Dec 2013

    Källbrink IP loppspår

  • Aliki Harvey 7 Dec 2013

    “Old” Södermalm 🙂

  • Rachel 7 Dec 2013

    Stora skuggan

  • Pamela 7 Dec 2013

    I am really secretive when it comes to this spot, but I will share it just for YLC 🙂 … Waldermarsudde Cape in Djurgården. It’s fascinating in any season, but it gives its best at sunset, when it isn’t too cold there might be also swans swimming around. Magic!

  • Jennifer 7 Dec 2013

    Troll park

  • Anett 7 Dec 2013

    Hard to pick one but I am a huge fan of the archipelago. Love Drottningholm slottspark for a nice relaxing walk and the kids love Rålis and all the other amazing parkleks around town.

  • Karen 7 Dec 2013

    Grodans Koja in Hagaparken is a true hidden gem 🙂

  • Sarah 7 Dec 2013

    Söder’s one of favourites too…

  • mmmarzipan 7 Dec 2013


  • Natasha 7 Dec 2013


  • Cesar Lazarte 8 Dec 2013

    to walk arround brunnsviken in winter…when the the lake is only ice…just very simple…but wonderful 🙂

  • Hyojin 9 Dec 2013

    Kungsträdgården and Enskedegård

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