20 Jun 2024
The Best Camping Spots In Stockholm
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The Best Camping Spots In Stockholm

The Best Camping Spots In Stockholm

Sweden’s rather unique Allemansrätt law (translating to “any person has the right to use the land”) makes the country one of the best for camping in the world. This law gives everyone open access to the land and the freedom to roam and camp just about anywhere. The only rules are: don’t camp too close to any residences (ask permission if you’re unsure) and don’t cause damage or disturbance. If you’re planning a camping trip in Stockholm, Tantolunden park, Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve, or Galo Havsbad are some unmissable destinations.


Tantolunden park

A huge park next to Arstaviken on Sodermalm (just south of central Stockholm), Tantolunden  offers a great camping experience. In the summer, Tantolunden park is popular for picnics and swimming, while sledding is the activity of choice in the snowy winter months. You can either bring your own camper or rent one of the cottages — however, you’re not allowed to bring a caravan or pitch a tent in the Tantolunden park. Fortunately, showers, toilets, and freshwater are all available, which can greatly improve comfort and convenience during your trip.

Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve

Around 12 miles outside of central Stockholm, Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve is the perfect destination for a camping trip. It’s the biggest area of ancient forest in the entire Southern part of Sweden and offers boundless unspoiled natural beauty. Spanning over 5,000 hectares, this stunning national park features numerous forests, several lakes, plenty of wildlife, a coastline, and interesting 18th and 19th century buildings. There are a number of areas designated for camping (which is only permitted for one night at a time). You’re also able to collect wood for campfires free of charge. Before your camping trip, it can be beneficial to learn a few basic survival skills. In particular, knowing how to build a fire will ensure you’re able to stay warm, cook food, and purify water out in the wild. A teepee fire, for example, is ideal when you need to simply boil up some water, cook dinner quickly, or just need a hit of warmth.

Photo by Clive Tompsett/imagebank.sweden.se

Gålö Havsbad

A popular campsite in Övre Bihagen, Gålö Havsbad is located next to scenic woods and is the longest beach in all of Stockholm. Here, you have a varied choice of camping options — from your own tent, mobile home, or caravan to renting on-site cottages and hostel rooms. In addition to a plethora of amazing wildlife, you can also enjoy beautiful views of the sea as you spend the day relaxing on the sandy beach. Gålö Havsbad also offers the opportunity for numerous exciting outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, windsurfing, swimming, adventure golf, and pedal boating. You don’t even need to cook your own food here as there’s a restaurant on-site with a full menu.

Stockholm offers no shortage of beautiful and fun camping spots. Tantolunden park, Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve, or Gålö Havsbad are certainly worth exploration on your next camping trip.

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