25 Jul 2024
7 Student-Budget Activities in Stockholm
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7 Student-Budget Activities in Stockholm

Traveling as a student is always a peculiar experience. On the one hand, you want to roam free and enjoy the time of your life. On the other hand, you need to watch your pocket so that you don’t go broke during your trip.


If you are traveling to Stockholm, you are at risk of spending more than your planned budget. The city has many attractions and exciting activities that can drain your account in no time. And if you are particularly keen on Swedish culture, and don’t want to visit ordinary tourist attractions, in Stockholm, there are unique places to visit. Or, maybe, it is not your first time in the country, and you have time and desire to explore a little more. In that case you can wander a little beyond standard routes, and you’ll be rewarded.


So, we have gathered a list of pocket-friendly things to do in Stockholm. Find out how to enjoy the best things the city has to offer on a student budget.

1 – Ride the artsy metro

The London Underground and New York subway might present their own form of attraction, but nothing compares to the Stockholm metro. The underground masterpiece is an actual art gallery, with colorful paintings and flamboyant patterns covering the walls and ceilings. So, for the price of a single trip, you can hang out in this underground art gallery. Or get a 24/72 hour SL card for local public transport and enjoy unlimited travel.

2 – Take a bike tour

The bike culture in Stockholm is pretty unique. When you are tired of walking, you can hire bikes for low prices. The city is not massive, which means that you can cover every prominent location within a day.

Moreover, some companies offer free rides to tourists with international student certificates. So, don’t forget to carry your student card along when leaving for a walk. You might also enjoy other discounts on services all over the city.

3 – Head to Gotland

The island of Gotland can be reached from Stockholm with a bus ride to Nynäshamn and then a ferry to the island. Gotland beaches are popular within the surfer community. During summer, surfers and sunbathers flood the beach to enjoy the magnificent views. Gotland is also famous for its affluent Viking history. You can also visit the city of Visby and marvel at its medieval city wall. The craziest thing about Gotland is the prison-turned-hostel that houses tourists for as low as $30 per night.

staycation gotland visby

4 – Take a stroll through Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan means the Old Town. This central island of Stockholm contains several picturesque houses and cobblestone streets. It is one of the most famous Stockholm attractions, with cafes on every corner. The Gamla Stan is also home to The Royal Castle, beautiful museums and the amazing Stockholm Cathedral. So, you need to include this location as a must-see destination on your trip.

5 – Take a boat ride to the archipelago

If you choose to get a Stockholm Pass city card, it covers boat tours to islands and canals. Also the local public transport has ferries that are covered with your 24/72 SL card. So, you can enjoy boat rides to neighboring islands and the famous archipelago. Stockholm’s Archipelago consists of thousands of beautiful islands. You will enjoy the amazing views of rocks and cottages scattered all over the islands. You can also hop on a bus tour with the Stockholm Pass.

6 – Enjoy the Swedish Cuisine

Can you really claim to have visited a country if you didn’t try the local food? Absolutely not!

When you visit Stockholm, don’t forget to try the Swedish cuisine. You don’t even need to visit fancy restaurants. Go to local cafes and enjoy the fika culture— a meal of coffee and sweet pastry with friends. You can also grab a few cinnamon buns or kanelbulle at Lillebrors bakery. Most importantly, you’d better limit your alcohol consumption in Sweden because it is quite expensive.

7 – Enjoy the freebies

Stockholm offers a lot of fun activities. Most of them are free, while others might cost you a few bucks. One of the best locations for fun activities in Stockholm is the Kulturhuset, House of Culture. The venue hosts concerts, debates, pantomime shows, and other activities for free. You can find more information on upcoming activities on their website.

More so, you can visit some of the museums in Stockholm for free, like the National Museum or Moderna Museet. Check the listing of free museums from Visit Stockholm.



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