18 May 2024
Pakistani Truck Art comes to Stockholm
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Pakistani Truck Art comes to Stockholm

If you’ve ever been to South Asia, you will have seen the trucks covered in colorful works of art. Three world famous Pakistani truck artists are right now on a tour in Europe and will be coming to Stockholm as well.


This form of art has long traditions going back hundreds of years, as the decorations have adorned horse carriages long before there were cars and trucks. The owners of the trucks want to express their feelings in the form of art and the trucks get covered with poems and proverbs as well as pictures of their favorite actors or sportsmen. These trucks are not just transport vehicles but rolling art galleries.

Phool Phatti team
Thr Phool Patti team

The Phool Phatti organisation in Pakistan has taken this form of art a bit further and are putting their artistic touch on pieces of furniture and decoration items among other things. The Phool Phatti team is now on a European tour that takes them to France, Spain, German and Sweden. They are arranging workshops at universities and art halls, as well as doing their paintings.

decorative items

In Sweden they are doing a workshop in cooperation with PICS, the Pakistan Information and Cultural Society. The workshop will be held in Kista, Stockholm on the 1st of June at 5pm-7pm. The artists in attendance are Ali Salman Anchan, Haider Ali and Mumtaz Ahmed. They will be telling about the history of Pakistani truck art as well as teaching the painting technique.

For more information on attending the workshop, see the event.

The Phool Phatti team are also going to be painting a food truck at Eggeby Gård on 1st-4th of June.

painted terrace


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