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Divorce and Child Custody in Sweden | eBook
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Divorce and Child Custody in Sweden | eBook

“Divorce and Child Custody in Sweden”, We cover the first of the eBook series “Survive Sweden”. This eBook provides foreigners with an English description of the divorce and custody process in Sweden.

It’s not something anyone plans for but if you suddenly find yourself immersed in the stressful process of divorce or child custody, it’s assuring to know that there are tools available to help you navigate the rough waters.

By: Caitlin Childs | Flickr
By: Caitlin Childs | Flickr

It starts by identifying relationship types which are subject to Swedish law and takes readers along the administrative pathway of divorce to child custody.

The “Divorce and Child Custody in Sweden” eBook is the first of a series called “Survive Sweden”. This eBook series is created to help immigrants navigate essential survival routines, such as getting a divorce and negotiating custody, establishing a Sambor relationship or understanding the Swedish pension system. In the “Divorce and Child Custody” eBook you’ll learn, among other things, how to pose focused, relevant questions to your legal counsel, which agency can answer your questions, and maybe even learn some new Swedish words along the way!


Individuals planning a move to Sweden can use these eBooks as “know before you go” manuals that can help to foster a better understanding of some aspects of life in Sweden. Serial movers and “lifers” (those who have made Sweden their permanent home) will find the “Survive Sweden” series useful in re-creating, re-shaping, or re-defining lifestyle routines that will allow them to better manage living in their new home country.


By: Jonathan Cohen | Flickr
By: Jonathan Cohen | Flickr



This series was first presented as seminars in the Stockholm area. Today it is available in ePub and PDF format. This allows users private and cost-effective access to this information on a variety of electronic readers and computers, and in a place and time convenient to their needs and time schedule.





Other eBooks in the series include:

“Sambor Relationship and Child Custody in Sweden” & “The Swedish National Pension System”


These eBooks are for educational purposes only. They do not claim to offer legal or professional advice. Each situation is different and participants must engage the services that meet their specific needs.

The “Survive Sweden” series is owned by Yvonne Crooks and is developed with support from professionals in each subject area. Yvonne has lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden since 1998.


The “Divorce and Child Custody in Sweden”  eBook, by Yvonne Crooks can be purchased here

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Title: Divorce and Child Custody in Sweden (ISBN :978-91-7517-107-4)

Author: Yvonne Crooks

Order Number: 509_4219806

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  • Lysanne 27 Mar 2012

    Great stuff!! An international divorce in Sweden is so hard!!! Turning Point has a free weekly support group for internationals that find themselves in this predicament! Everyone is welcome.

    • Crnokosa 16 May 2013

      Please, could you give Me more info, i am in the same boat and totally alone. Thanks!

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