25 Jul 2024
Staying Safe With Food Allergies in Stockholm’s Restaurants
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Staying Safe With Food Allergies in Stockholm’s Restaurants

In Western countries, food allergies affect 8% of children and 2% of adults, according to Core. Some of the most common food allergies in Sweden are hazelnuts (between 12 and 15%), lactose (between 4 and 10%), and gluten (3%). Meanwhile, tree nuts, fruit, and carrots all rank highly, too. Food allergies commonly cause wheezing, hives, and abdominal pain. And, it’s even possible for individuals to experience anaphylaxis. Therefore, when you’re eating out with a food allergy in Stockholm, it’s essential that you take steps to keep yourself safe.

Carry a Chef Card

Chef Cards allow you to communicate with the chef at the finest of Stockholm’s restaurants. These cards can be printed from the net and allow you to list the foods you’re allergic to. Simply hand the card over to your waiter or waitress when you arrive at the restaurant and they’ll pass it onto the chef for you. Chef Cards are available in multiple languages, which means if your Swedish isn’t up to scratch, you can eat out in any of the city’s restaurants worry-free. Also the Swedish Astma and Allergy Association have their own food allergy cards in many languages.

Check food hygiene reports

All eateries in Stockholm are subjected to regular food safety inspections, which are carried out by the local health inspection officials. These inspections involve thorough checks and include the premises being inspected for their cleanliness. This is reassuring as it prevents vital non-food allergens, such as mold, from rearing their head. After all, mold spores are strongly linked to allergies.

What’s more, the inspections assess restaurants on how they limit cross-contamination. For individuals with a wheat or gluten allergy knowing that your food is safe from contamination is vital. Similarly, if you’ve got an intolerance to lactose you can experience severe symptoms, including stomach cramps, bloating, and sickness when you consume lactose, so you need to be sure that there’s no risk of even the smallest amount getting into your meal. Stockholm city has an app called Livsmedelskollen, which shows the inspection results, so you may want to check it out before dining out.

Look out for allergy information in the menu

Stockholm and the rest of the Swedish nation take food allergies seriously. As a result, you’ll see most of the city’s restaurants marking allergens in their menus, typically L for lactose, G for Gluten, and more. The eateries’ employees usually have good training in food allergies and are able to confidently advise on the best food options for your requirements. So, if you’re eyeing up the traditional meatball dish but are concerned about a milk allergy or your intolerance to lactose, you can be assured when they advise whether there’s any hidden milk or lactose in the recipe.

Food allergies are prevalent in Stockholm. However, you don’t need to worry about eating out in the city if you’re allergic to nuts, eggs, milk, or any other allergen as these tips will protect you from coming into contact with these food items.

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