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What it takes to volunteer in Sweden: # 10
Volunteering Work & Money

What it takes to volunteer in Sweden: # 10

So now we come to the exciting part – the bit where you can get involved with the project and make a real difference. And no, I’m not asking you to become a volunteer. All we need is a little of your money.

And we REALLY need it!

I’m trying to get this project set up as cheaply as possible, but unfortunately it does need some money in order for it to happen. So, before I tell you how much, I want you to consider a few things.

First, imagine how much it might cost to professionally set up a website, with an extensive database behind it. Remember to add on Sweden’s 25% value added tax/MOMS.

Next, think what it would cost to employ a project manager on a half time salary for a year, and again, remember we’re in Sweden and taxes and employers contributions are high.

Do you have a vague figure in your head? Good. This is how much the project could cost.

However, through extensive use of volunteers, the partnership with Volontärbyrån and being very nice to very many people the amount we actually need to make this project happen is 80,000SEK. Hopefully that is considerably less than the first figure you had in your head.

That amount will enable a dedicated English section to be built on the Volontärbyrån website. It will provide advice and support for people interested in volunteering, and more importantly will enable non-profit organisations to upload volunteering vacancies free, and volunteers to search for those vacancies (again for free). And this will be available to English speakers in Sweden indefinitely.

Volunteering vacancies which can be done in English don’t just appear by magic. There will also be a lot of work involved with encouraging and supporting non-profit organisations to make it possible for people to volunteer in English. This too is included in the cost of the project (by using volunteers).

If you think that sounds worthwhile then please go to  http://fundedbyme.com/projects/2012/04/the-english-volunteering-project/ and give what you can. Even the smallest amounts will help (but obviously we’re not going to say no to larger amounts either). And as this is fundraising through social networking, please tell other people about it, including people in other countries, who can also give through this link. I also want to say a big thank you to FundedByMe who have generously agreed to waive their normal 6% administration fee.

And finally, in case you’re thinking “Nah, my little contribution won’t make a difference, I won’t bother” please remember that if we don’t raise the money we need by the middle of June the project will not be able to continue. I am having a baby in August, and if the project hasn’t progressed sufficiently I simply won’t have enough time to keep it going. However, if we have raised the money and got the website developed by August, I will be able to do the necessary work to keep it going.

I’ve done what I can. The English Volunteering Project is now in your hands.


By Claire Thomas

[email protected]

Check back in a few weeks to hear more about Claire’s progress

Claire Thomas was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Northern Ireland and has lived in Scotland, England, Germany and now Sweden (where she hopes to stay for a good long while). In this blog she shares her experience of setting up a project focused on helping non-Swedish speakers to find volunteering opportunities with non-profit organisations in Stockholm.

If you are interested in the project you can contact Claire by email at [email protected]

Like us on Facebook to follow the project’s progress – go to www.facebook.com/englishvolunteering.

The project is part of Volontärbyrån  www.volontarbyran.org

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  • Ella 18 Apr 2012

    We’re very proud of you Claire for bringing the project this far and to have everything crossed. You’ll see it progress to the next level – well done!

  • Ella 18 Apr 2012

    Just realized message above doesn’t make sense (darn autocorrect on the iPad!) but you know what we mean 🙂

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  • […] What it takes to volunteer in Sweden: # 10 […]

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