12 Jul 2024
Working In Stockholm’s Marketing Industry
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Working In Stockholm’s Marketing Industry

Stockholm holds the proud status as one of the world’s tech hubs, and as such, that means it’s one of the biggest business hubs – full stop. With business comes marketing, and as such there is a flourishing and incredibly progressive industry within the city which has seen sexist adverts banned recently. Competition is fierce, but rewarding, and the right knowledge will help you to get ahead.

Understanding the Stockholm consumer base

Any marketer with experience in the industry will be well aware of the sales funnel. Given the highly digitalized nature of Stockholm’s population, techniques such as the funnel are somewhat outdated. Instead, those looking to get ahead should embrace newer marketing techniques including the ‘circular funnel’. This is an approach you’ll see reflected in the technology available in Sweden; marketing and advertising integration app unicorn Funnel recently gained a US$21m investment on the basis of this technology.

Keeping stock of legislation

The ban of sexist adverts in Stockholm is just part of a wave of strict legislation concerning advertising. As the US Trade Department notes, marketing in Stockholm is important, but also tricky to get right. What’s more, consumers are generally in tune, and will appreciate advertisement campaigns that are in line with the wider ethos. Marketers looking to get ahead should be ready to engage with the progressive population in Stockholm and be prepared to tackle legislation head on and ultimately ensure their compliance. 

Stockholm enjoys high quality

As Spanish bank Santander noted in their business report, Swedish consumers expect higher quality products across the country. This must be reflected in the efforts of marketers. Your marketing campaigns should be geared towards demonstrating the quality of your product, and only high quality work will reflect that properly. Being someone who is geared towards doing the absolute best with every job they start will put you in great standing to succeed in the city. Consumers will appreciate an honest and effective marketing campaign that highlights quality products where they occur.

A job in Stockholm’s competitive marketing industry will be tough but rewarding. While remuneration and development is excellent, a big pull factor may well be the egalitarian nature of the city and the open and honest approach to advertising. Those working in the sector will be safe in the knowledge that they are marketing in a responsible way.

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