25 Jul 2024
Ukraine in focus at Stockholm International Film Festival 2022
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Ukraine in focus at Stockholm International Film Festival 2022

Ukraine in focus at Stockholm International Film Festival 2022

The Stockholm International Film Festival has announced this year’s focus nation for the festival, which will be held November 9 – 20. The program will consist of film screenings, director visits and seminars.

Ukraine has had great cinematic success for a number of years. Last year’s winner for Best Film at the Stockholm Film Festival was the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov with the film »Rhino« which depicts Ukraine’s criminal world in the 90s. Not to mention Sergei Loznitsa, who with his remarkable archive documentaries and politically charged films has reached much international acclaim.

Sentsov, who could not come due to covid-reasons last year, is now invited to this year’s festival. He is currently one of the filmmakers who put down the camera and took up arms to defend his country.

“We appreciate your support and position. We look forward to visiting Stockholm after the victory.”

says Oleg Sentsov currently positioned at the frontline
Oleg Stenstov in Kyiv – November 2021 – Photo from the award winner’s thank you video

The focus on Ukraine this year is a direct consequence of the unacceptable Russian invasion and the terrible war being waged right now. The festival wants to shed light on the uncertain future that the Ukrainian film industry is now facing and Ukraine needs all the support we can show and contribute to. Stockholm Film Festival will not show any Russian state-funded films at this year’s festival as long as the current war is ongoing.

“That decision is regrettable, but it is necessary to make a point in times like this. Russia’s actions are unacceptable.” 

says Beatrice Karlsson, Stockholm Film Festival

Stockholm Film Festival Junior, which takes place March 28 to April 2, has also launched a campaign together with Save the Children for the children affected by the war. Feel free to support the campaign here.

All images used with authorisation and facilitated by the Stockholm International Film Festival.

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