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Formex: Unexpected Gatherings – Interior Design Trends
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Formex: Unexpected Gatherings – Interior Design Trends

We went to the opening of the Formex trade fair, truly a heaven for all interior designers and people who are into decoration and new design trends.

This season brings some very exciting news for all of us who love colors… Yes that is right, we said colors, not Scandinavian colors, but real brilliant colors!

There are three trends that got our attention and we will be talking about each one of them in a bit.

1. Color

2. Art craft style

3.  Enviromentally friendly and recycled materials.

These are the color trends for fall/winter

Terracotta and pink.
Vibrancy in red, blue, green and yellow.















Green is the main colour of the season.

As we can see, the color range is very diverse. This gives us the opportunity to have fun and be creative with the room or space that we want to decorate.

The second trend, “art craft”, is something we found very interesting. This trend takes its inspiration from nature and organic forms, meaning that each piece of art craft you get is unique. That gives the feeling of exclusivity. Plus it gives the opportunity to help people providing them with jobs, by skipping the factory mass production, a real win-win situation.

Artcraft and handmade looks.




Third but not least of the trends: “environmentally-friendly”. It is really in to be more conscious about the products that we consume, and try to minimize waste as far as possible. That is why we got very attracted with some companies that were not just about the design but also about their commitment to the environment. They are creating products without a trace of plastic and integrating recycled materials at the same time.

No plastic at all is used in these brushes by Iris.

But what the trends are defining is one thing… What’s out in the market is another. So after hours of looking at designers, stands and furniture, we focused our attention to only a few companies that use colors in their products, like “Le Creuset”. This year their new products come in some ombre style and a very colorful line of products.

At Le Creuset’s stand we got to meet “Hela Sverige Bakar” tv show’s finalist, Johanna Eriksson, who used one of Le Creuset’s big cast iron pans to bake delicious bread, and she even shared one or two tips with us.


Staub is another company that we found completely extraordinary with their design and colors. Even people who don’t enjoy cooking would start enjoying to cook just for the pleasure of doing it in one of these beautiful casseroles. This is definitely a must for Thanksgiving and why not for the every-day meal.

Staub’s unique designs.
Staub’s unique designs.

Continuing with color and design, we love Lind DNA, a Danish company that has all the trends of this season. This means color, recycled leather and organic forms. We loved the original design of their tableware and table mats. This is definitely the option for you, if you like color, design and most importantly sustainable products for your home interior.

Inventive shapes and colours by Lind DNA.
Recycled leather was found even on Lind DNA’s flower vases.
Salt and pepper in this very original dispenser by Lind DNA.
Inventive shapes and colours by Lind DNA.

Following the same line of innovative environmentally-friendly and colorful design, Aveva caught not only our eyes but also our hearts with their “happy cheap” products.

Aveva is a Danish company with passion for new ideas and a focus on sustainable materials like wool and wood. Their flower pots are water-proof and made out of wool – how cool is that!! They have a resin similar to glue, but ecological inside and the wool comes from “happy sheep”, as they like to put it themselves.  Not just colorful but innovative and environmentally-friendly.

Wool pots in bright fun colors.

Iris Hantverk is a Swedish company that also use natural materials in their products, reducing the plastic use to none. So we found that this is really worth mentioning, also because of  the beauty of their entirely handmade range.

Wood, hair and fibres responsibly sourced in Iris Hantverk’s products.
Wood, hair and fibres responsibly sourced in Iris Hantverk’s products.
Wood, hair and fibres responsibly sourced in Iris Hantverk’s products.
Wood, hair and fibres responsibly sourced in Iris Hantverk’s products.

If you like the feeling of luxury with an informal approach to elegance, Aiayu is for you. Haha no, but seriously we really loved the consciousness that this company has for their products. These are some of their not colorful but ecological blankets and pillow cases made of high quality and recycled cotton, other materials include llama wool.


Continuing with the soft colors, Swedish company Paradisverkstaden! is just like their name says…  a paradise of art craft made of ceramic and glass with very organic shapes. Their mugs are just perfect for a cozy evening with tea.

Handmade and nature inspired shapes.
Handmade and nature inspired shapes.

Sagaform is another one of our favorites. Their club line of cups and glasses, in colaboration with designer Matz Borgström is extraordinary. The end result of the product is elegant, exclusive and a fancy-feeling product. This line goes great for a fancy party, or just for one of those days when one needs to feel beautiful and festive. After a hard working day or why not a hardly working day.

They also have other collections worth checking out, like their winter collection of home decor, which matches pretty well if you mix it with the club collection.

Adaptable size flower vase from Sagaform.

The last designer, but definitely our favorite was A Simple Mess by Louise Dorph. We got the opportunity to have a little talk with Louise, an adorable and very humble and down-to-earth person, who transmits just that very same essence in her creations. Her inspiration comes from Danish nature and its countryside, such as waterfalls in the woods, having a magnificent end result in her products.

A Simple Mess – shows how to bring nature to your home.
A Simple Mess – shows how to bring nature to your home.
A Simple Mess – shows how to bring nature to your home.
A Simple Mess – shows how to bring nature to your home.
A Simple Mess – shows how to bring nature to your home.
A Simple Mess – shows how to bring nature to your home.



Of course there were several other designers and creators with different product ranges in the lines of food and jewellery among others and even there we could appreciate the presence of the nature-inspired and natural materials air of the season.

PERKA’s designer Róza Turowska.
Nature-inspired jewelry by PERKA.
Naturally produced toiletry from Klockargårdens.
Naturally produced toiletry from Klockargårdens.

After visiting this season’s Formex we concluded that there a lots of talent emerging from Swedish design at the moment, but from our point of view the Danish design is more daring, colorful, fun and years ahead in design, in a way paving the near future way of interior design. So if you are looking for originality go Danish!


  • Lorena 24 Aug 2018

    Very nice article with a lot of good ideas.
    I have fall in love with Staub’s unique casserole. It’s on my “Christmas” list.

    • Viveka Maynez 25 Aug 2018

      Thank you for your comment, I am glad that you got inspire! You can always come back for more ideas or with questions.
      P.S. I hope you get your casserole, they are beautiful.

      Viveka Maynez G.

  • Regina 27 Aug 2018

    Great images!!! They are lovely.
    I got new inspiration and -finally- a couple of names I could follow to buy environmental friendly products that look nice.
    Wonderful article. Hope to keep on reading more from you.

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