18 Jul 2024
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2017
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Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2017

Affordable Art Fair is an event that exists all around the world where art is available for buying right on the spot. It stands for it’s quality and value and has a price range between 500kr-50,000kr. It is a very fun event where the visitors can see art, buy art, learn more about art and listen to art. Affordable Art Fair wants to be a place that makes art completely available to everyone regardless their age or art interest.

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If you ever wanted to own an original piece of art, this is your chance! Affordable Art Fair is back to Stockholm between October 12-15. “To own original artwork feels instantly exclusive. To own it gives such a special feeling, it’s the idea that there is only one copy of it and that it is only you who owns it. The artwork is nothing less than unique and there’s no way you’ll find it anywhere else in the world.” In the words of Sylvia Rynell, Fair Director.

Among the novelties this year is the amount of new international galleries that are coming. Affordable Art Fair is welcoming galleries from Australia, Japan, France, USA and England, among others. Another new thing this year is that there will be a fragrance competition during the fair, in partnership with perfume producer Sniph. You will get to smell different essences that can be connected with art fair related smells, such as paint color, cava or hairspray. If you guess right, there is a fine piece of artwork to win.

In an interview, Sylvia Rynell said that this year’s trend is original art. She sees a clear tendency that people are looking for unique artwork. People are seeking their way back to the original methods of painting and sculpture, allowing things to take time. She believes this is a result of the current super-fast society with social media that has to be updated all the time. Both the artists and the buyers are tired of fast impressions. This year the fair sees more artwork that takes time to create, where the artist has used advanced techniques and methods that are more time-consuming.

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One of Affordable Art Fair’s further aims is to make people understand that art doesn’t have to be so very difficult, expensive or complicated. They work hard to share the message that art is something that everybody can take part of. It can also be affordable and make everybody feel welcomed to take part in the experience as well as asking questions about it. Art is not a selective world reserved for the few people in the niche that attend art schools.

With this said, you should feel welcome to a fair where art is made for and with the public in mind. You can wander around the fair and marvel at the sight of the art brought by all the international galleries you will not otherwise be able to see. It is so unique to be able to see galleries from he whole world gathered in just one place.

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Find Affordable Art Fair’s program here and try to make it to any of the conferences, held by Per Hedstöm, the exhibition manager at the National Museum; Lena Eriksson, Educational Head National Museum; Malcom Jacobson and Tobias Barenthin Lindlad, graffiti artists, among others.

Don’t forget to stop by the Recent Graduates exhibition located in the centre of the fair, where for the fifth consecutive year, Affordable Art Fair’s curators have handpicked the most interesting young artists after traveling all across Sweden, and have brought them to exhibit and have a chance of a breakthrough at Affordable Art Fair.

Some tips for you visiting Affordable Art Fair:

  1. Don’t be shy, ask questions.
  2. Don’t feel overwhelmed, have fun!
  3. Participate in the activities and program.
  4. Take a break and then continue your tour.
  5. Take pictures and don’t forget to include the artist signs.
  6. Follow your heart and if you’re going to buy something, go for that piece that stuck to your mind during your entire visit.

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