14 Jul 2024
Stockholm’s Thriving Tattoo Culture

Stockholm’s Thriving Tattoo Culture

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Sweden leads the world’s tattoo culture: a recent survey has revealed that 47 percent of people in the country have at least one tattoo. People living in Stockholm are also among the most tattooed people in the world, with 33 percent of its residents having one or more tattoos. Stockholm has long been known to be a hub of creativity, and it’s interesting how the city’s art movement has evolved to include permanent body art and modification. If you have yet to get inked or if you want to be a part of the city’s growing community of tattoo enthusiasts, here’s how you can take part in Stockholm’s thriving tattoo culture.

Get inked by one of Stockholm’s iconic tattoo artists

There are various reasons why people choose to get inked, and most individuals do it for personal or sentimental reasons. Others do it to remind themselves of their heritage or culture, while some are compelled to get a tattoo because they admire a particular artist’s work or designs. If you’re looking to get a tattoo to enhance your personal aesthetic, then make sure to get it done by one of Stockholm’s iconic tattoo artists. There’s Daria Shishkina, who does stunning full-colour floral tattoos, and Peter Lagergren, who’s known for creating evocative and colourful body art. Then there’s Ellen Westholm, who does delicate portraits in black and grey. These three tattoo artists are some of the best in Stockholm, and even if you got inked on a whim, you definitely wouldn’t regret getting one of their designs on your skin

Check out the city’s annual Ink Bash

Every year, tattoo artists and enthusiasts gather at Münchenbryggeriet on Södermalm to celebrate Stockholm Ink Bash. This year, the tattoo convention will take place from August 28-30, and as competition is part of the programme, awards will be given out to artists who excel in different tattoo categories such as Best of Sleeve, Best of New School, Best of Black and Grey, and the like. The best tattoo artists from different parts of the world are also expected to take part in this year’s celebration, and tattoo fans can get inked by local Stockholm favourites such as Aron Evans of Lifestyle Tattoo Sundbyberg, Baipor of Studio One Tattoo, Daniel Munken of Ivory Tower Tattoo, Helene Dahlberg of Studio Black, and Elvis of Royal 13 Tattoo. Tickets are sold on the door, but you can buy them in advance if you wish to avoid the long queues. Plan on being there early so you can have a look around and observe the artists as they work – this is an important step before booking an appointment with your chosen tattoo artist.

Support the merch

Some of the best tattoo artists in Stockholm have their own product lines that feature their tattoo designs. One of them is Viktor Mattsson, who makes clothing, keychains, belts and pins out of his most in-demand designs. Buying a tattoo shop or artist’s merch is one way to support their art, and as these items are often reasonably priced, you can get some souvenirs of your tattoo adventure in Stockholm to take home to your loved ones.  

Being part of Stockholm’s growing tattoo culture can be an exhilarating and liberating experience. If it’s your first time getting tattooed, keep in mind that you have to be at least 18 to get inked in the country. Also, do your research on tattoo styles and artists so you won’t end up regretting your permanent body art. Lastly, ensure proper tattoo aftercare to keep your ink looking as brilliant as the day you got it. There you have it: now it’s time to get inked and be a part of this exciting art movement in Stockholm!

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