18 Jul 2024
Where to Enjoy Spring in Stockholm
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Where to Enjoy Spring in Stockholm

Spring is in the air, which means one thing – all the Swedes who have been hiding indoors all winter are flooding the streets, armed with sunnies and ice cream no matter what the temperature. YLC knows the best places to enjoy the sunny weather – so grab your camera and let’s get going!


This one’s obvious. Located smack in the city near Centralen and Östermalmstorg, Kungsträdgården offers the perfect spot for some nature rehabilitation after a day of work or shopping. The famous cherry blossoms are in bloom and if you don’t go see it for yourself, you’ll suffer severe regrets when your social media is swamped by stunning shots of the flowers.

Bergianska Trädgården

If you’re ever out near Stockholm University or the Swedish Museum of Natural History, keep walking – you’ve almost reached the hidden gem of the Bergian Gardens, or Bergianska trädgården. The garden has been in place since 1885 and some of the plans are over 100 years old. There are greenhouses and indoor sections of the gardens, but now that the weather is warming up the outdoors are in bloom as well. The magnificent magnolias are not to be missed, and there are entire grass carpets of small blue flowers.


Rosendals Trädgård

Djurgården is always a lovely place to enjoy spring anyway, as the parks open and ice cream kiosks litter the path along the water. But the Rosendal Botanical Gardens are a highlight. Not only can you enjoy a delicious ecological lunch prepared from the produce grown there, you can wander the brick paths gathering your own fruits, flowers and vegetables directly. Enjoy the spring air and then prepare a meal of Stockholm produce you picked yourself!

The surrounding park also features at least one example of every single species of tree native to Sweden, making the trip educational as well.


The weather is now warm enough to stroll along Fjällgatan, a little old street on Södermalm, between Erstagatan and Renstiernas gata. You won’t find cherry blossoms or magnolias here, but you will see a stunning view of the city, peppered with green and surrounded with blue as summer approaches. Go when it’s sunny and you’ll immediately be put in the mood – sommartider, hej, hej! 


Featured Image: Rebecca Martin/YLC Stockholm
Body Image: Ola Ericson/Imagebank Sweden

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