14 Jul 2024
Looking for a Gym in Stockholm?
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Looking for a Gym in Stockholm?

Stockholmers are nothing if not fit and you’re spoiled for choice as far as what sort of gym you like to frequent and the sort of workout that gets your heart pumping.

Whether it’s spinning, yoga, aerobics or an old fashioned bodybuilding gym that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered in this list of gyms in and around the city.

World Class Gym

Offering both private and company memberships, World Class Gym is full service – you’ll find pretty much all your fitness needs taken care of here.  January is a great time to grab a deal on your new membership. Babysitting services available. 11 gyms across the Stockholm area.


SATS has the most locations in Stockholm and offers a wide range of classes, along with the obligatory weights.  A variety of membership packages are available to suit both your budget and your needs.  Babysitting services available. Over 40 locations in the Stockholm area.

Rosa Skrot

A gym for women in the heart of Södermalm with everything from Bootcamp and Core-classes to traditional gym equipment. Hugely popular – and for good reason!

Friskis & Svettis

This is the one for the Swede inside that is bursting to get out.  You won’t find LA-style gym bunnies here; it’s more down home, friendly and an enormous amount of fun.  Children’s classes and babysitting available. 15 locations in the Stockholm area.

Sturebadet Spa Bad & Gym in Stockholm

While it’s the poshest of the lot, Sturebadet doesn’t play around when it comes to fitness. The surroundings are legendarily beautiful, with a pool, gym, and full service beauty treatments available for booking.  A spa day always includes: Robe, towel and slippers. As well as access to the relaxation area, pools, saunas, gym, and fitness classes.


Located in central Stockholm in a serene garden just a few steps from busy Drottningatan, Centralbadet offers a swimming pool, sun roof, gym, bar, restaurant and the “relax” -baths, saunas and Swedish massage.  Memberships available, as are single day visits. The restaurant is notoriously good.

Power Club Gym

Classic gym equipment with personal trainers, solarium and wireless internet.

Delta Gym 

Founded by a former Mr. Sweden, this is where the bodybuilders of Stockholm go for a serious workout, along with top models and celebrities.  You probably won’t recognise them, though, as Delta isn’t for people watching or strutting. Wear your scruffed up workout clothes and be prepared to sweat.  A wide selection of both free weights, machines, bicycles, treadmills, step-up machines, rowing machines. They also offer solarium, massage and serving in the cafe at street level.

Fitness 24seven

Exercise whenever you want for as long as you want at any 24seven gym. This gym is good for those of you who have a tough time fitting into regular gym hours.  It’s also for those who have their own individual exercise routine, although group training is available at 2 facilities in Stockholm, Högtorget and Regeringsgatan.

Puls & Träning

Over 40 locations in the Stockholm area.  Prices vary depending on location, but all memberships require a 400 SEK starters’ fee.

Nordic Wellness

Nordic Wellness is growing and they’re popping up in some unusual locations, particularly the suburbs. There’s the usual range of offerings we’ve come to expect and as they work hard to grow the brand there are some great membership deals. Babysitting services available. 11 locations in Stockholm.


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  • Adam 14 Nov 2015

    Should check out this website – you can easily buy a gym pass from anywhere around the world, even before landing in Stockholm

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